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The Potion Store
PotionStore Logo.png
Founder Starcubed
Facts and figures
Locations 7
Founded October 6, 2014

The Potion Store is a Drugstore Franchise that sells consumable fluids that help sharpen and enhances your abilities. The franchise was established in October 6th 2014 as "Bottle Inc." but quickly fell into disuse and discontinuation of new franchise stores. In March 2016, the Franchise was revived and was renamed into the Potion Store. We are currently at 10 stores and counting. After a few months of new stores across the server the franchise would be discontinued once again in August 2016 due to the disappearance of the owner, Starcubed. Since then no new Potion Stores were made until July 2017, When the first Potion store in over a year was built in Paralia. There are 3 different variations of Potion Stores which vary by size. The denominations and the prices are listed below.


Denominations of the Branches

Branch Swift Pharamacy Mega
Price $5 $10 $50
The Swift Store has a blue theme and is usually found in mall spaces.
The Pharmacy Store has a pink theme, pharmacy logo and has a overall larger and brighter appearance.

Branch Overview

Each Potion Store is either 1 of the 3 branches listed below, The different branches vary in size and content and each has their Pros and Cons

Swift Store:

These stores are small and only sell Potions. These shops are usually built in mall spaces and small areas

+ Very Compact

+ Good for Mall Spaces and Small Areas

+ Very Cheap

+ Short building time

- Lacking in Content

- Only sells basic items

Pharmacy Store:

These stores are Medium to Large in size. They are best built as a Standalone building but can also be put in a Medium to Large mall space. These stores contain pharmacies and has a larger variety of potions than the Swift Store and contain a pharmacy area to buy your pharmaceutical items and medication drugs.

+ Good for Medium plots

+ Vast amount of Content

+ Fairly Cheap

+ Fairly short amount of time to build

- Requires a moderate amount of space

- Not recommended for Mall Spaces

Mega Store:

These stores are very large and take up lots of space to build. They are largely incompatible with mall spaces unless a large amount of space is given up. These stores contain a Park, Brewing area, Pharmacies and a Huge Variety of Potions. These stores may require more than 1 floor to fit the large amount of content inside these stores.

+ Huge Variety of Content

+ Includes a Park and Plaza

- Takes up a lot of space and is Very Large

- Very Expensive

- Very time consuming to build

- Largely incompatible with Malls and Indoor Areas.

List of Stores

NOTE: The list only includes RECORDED Bottle Inc. stores and only includes stores that have not been demolished yet. There still may be a few more First Generation Stores that have not been found in the MRT. If a person finds a store shaped like a Potion, Please mail the co-ords to Starcubed for a $10 reward.

Type Location and Branch
1st Generation  T30  Wazamawazi King Alexander, Branch A1
1st Generation  A11  Whitechapel—Waterfront Station, Branch A2
Swift  C34  Izumo - Financial (Izumo), Branch B1
Pharmacy  C39  Foobar (Hathnes), Branch B2
Pharmacy Hinkley (No Station), Branch B3
Pharmacy  M18  Kolpino, Branch B4
Swift  T5  Xilia-Republique (Xilia), Branch B5
Swift  C41  Wythern, Branch B6
Mega  C44  Schusterlans (Schusterlans), Branch M1
Swift  C117  Foobar (Forest Lake), Branch B7
Swift Paralia (No Station), Branch B8
Pharmacy  NE8  Creeperville, Branch B9