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Potoe and Chicke

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Potoe & Chicke
CEO Cookie46910
Motto "We didn't miss spell it, you did"
Facts and Figures
Headquarters Peripotamia
Founded 2017 (maybe even 2016)
Parent Company Your mum lol, get it because your mom would be your parent (YML)
Number of stores 31

Potoe and Chicke was founded in 2017???. Potoe and Chicke most definitely sells things and is totally not a storefront for a larger business. Check out the locations below. Umm... If you are wondering where the money earned goes, that for "me to know and the IRS to find out". Potoe and Chicke was founded by Cookie46910. If you would like a Potoe and Chicke in your town for $4.20 or $69; just contact Cookie on discord or /mail. All of the pictures have now been moved.

Requests: To request a Potoe and Chicke please fill out this form.

Menu Items (for Potoe and Chicke)
This is Potoe
This is Chicke


Number of Location Owner Where the Potoe and Chicke Is
1 MinecraftYoshi26 Sky Mall in Hummingbird Islands.
2 Jphgolf4321 Laclede Outlet Mall
3 Hvt2011 Tranquil Forest
4 Woorich999 Richville
5 Time2makemymove Segav Sal
6 Megascatterbomb Rank Resort
7 sesese9 Moleville
8 sesese9 Scarborough
9 Mjpwwf In the school Esterhaus University
10 TalonPlays Eagleshore
11 Silverbubble Coruscant
12 CodyHM Seoland
13 SoaPuffball Nymphalia
14 MojangChan Deadbush
15 Red_Ray New Amsterdam
16 Hvt2011 Albany
17 Conric005 Birchwood
18 MojangChan Dekuville
19 Megascatterbomb Moramoa
20 SoaPuffball Gemstride
21 Megascatterbomb Moramoa
22 sesese9 San Vantino
23 Megascatterbomb In the IntraRail station in Rank Resort
24 Time2makemymove In the IntraRail station in Segav Sal
25 Cact0 Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein
26 AyyLion Delta City
27 Conric005 Dand
28 Godzilltrain Segville International in Segville
29 Narnia17 Oliver Spirngs
30 EspiDev Espil
31 Cact0 Torres River in La Bahina Mall

Images of the locations

All of the Potoe and Chicke pictures have been moved here.

Your mum lel, get it because your mom would be your parent (YML)

The other franchise under YML is Astronaut Coffee (a play on the local coffee chain from Seattle, Starbucks).

The menu items at Astronaut Coffee are as followed:

Covfefe (#MAGA supported drink)

DIY Bread ("It's alright I guess" - Dewnald Drumf)