Potoe and Chicke

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Potoe and Chicke
Potoe and chicke logo 1.png
Potoe and Chicke logo
First modern Potoe and Chicke in Richville
Date foundedDecember 26, 2016
Corporate structure
Current owner(s)Cookie46910
Parent companyYML
HeadquartersPeripotamia City Hall, Peripotamia
No. of locations43
Slogan"We didn't miss spell it, you did"

Potoe and Chicke was founded in December 26th 2016. Potoe and Chicke was founded by Cookie46910 in order for him to get citizen and was placed in Yoshi's) Sky Mall in Hummingbird Islands. Orginally started as a meme, Potoe and Chick was only intended to have two locations (Hummingbird Islands and Laclede Outlet Mall) however due to high requests of locations, Cookie46910 built 41 more stores across the server. The first modern location was in Richville in which Cookie used Acacia Planks for the exterior. Cookie has stopped building Potoe and Chickes due to Modgate therefore the location in Deadbush will be the last location ever built.

All prices at Potoe and Chicke are random and are determined per location and the local economy of the city. The money earned by Potoe and Chicke are collected by a mysterious outside agency called the "Gaucho Backers". When Cookie asked the agency where the money collected went, he only got a response by a low level manager called Olé who said " that's for me to know and the IRS to find out".

Menu Items (for Potoe and Chicke)


Number of Location Owner Location of Potoe and Chicke
1 MinecraftYoshi26 Sky Mall in Hummingbird Islands.
2 Jphgolf4321 Laclede Outlet Mall
3 Hvt2011 Tranquil Forest
4 Woorich999 Richville
5 Time2makemymove Segav Sal
6 Megascatterbomb Rank Resort
7 sesese9 Moleville
8 sesese9 Scarborough
9 Mjpwwf In the school Esterhaus University
10 TalonPlays Eagleshore
11 Silverbubble Coruscant
12 CodyHM Seoland
13 SoaPuffball Nymphalia
14 MojangChan Deadbush
15 Red_Ray New Amsterdam
16 Hvt2011 Albany
17 Conric005 Birchwood
18 MojangChan Dekuville
19 Megascatterbomb Moramoa
20 SoaPuffball Gemstride
21 Megascatterbomb Moramoa
22 sesese9 San Vantino
23 Megascatterbomb In the IntraRail station in Rank Resort
24 Time2makemymove In the IntraRail station in Segav Sal
25 Cact0 Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein
26 AyyLion Delta City
27 Conric005 Dand
28 Godzilltrain Segville International in Segville
29 Narnia17 Oliver Spirngs
30 EspiDev Espil
31 Cact0 Torres River in La Bahina Mall
32 ModernArt Pasadena
33 Hvt2011, Kastle, Soleurs, Earack Konawa at the BluRail in Horizon National Airport
34 i____7d Foresne
35 Hvt2011, Dragonbloon419 PMW City BluRail station
36 Hvt2011, Echohue Sunshine Coast BluRail station
37 MF_Moj Verdstrand
38 Echohue Mojangsburg-Pretoria Capital Airport
39 Hvt2011, Lil_shadow59 Arcadia Central BluRail station
40 MojangChan Rizalburg
41 Time2makemymove San Dzobiak
42 MojangChan New Stone City
43 MojangChan Deadbush

Your mum lel, get it because your mom would be your parent (YML)

The other franchise under YML is Astronaut Coffee (a play on the local coffee chain from Seattle, Starbucks).

The menu items at Astronaut Coffee are as followed: Covfefe (#MAGA supported drink) DIY Bread ("It's alright I guess" - Dewnald Drumf)


Photos 40-43 are currenlty missing. If photos of those locations can be found, please message Cookie46910 on discord and he will upload them to the wiki.