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Price Mart (formerly Costlo Holesale) is a wholesale store franchise made by Crafterboi500.

Business Deal

An agreement was made between Crafterboi500 and EtihadMan that every Regular/Super Price Mart store must come with an Old Fashioned Hot Dogs restaurant inside to boost sales on both sides.

Purchasing and Sizes

There are 2 sizes of Price Mart that can be built. The First is an Express Store, which can fit into a small franchising space. Only one express store has been built so far in Froplacoge. This is ideal for denser cities with less space. The Second is the regular, which is a relatively large store made for larger plots or larger cities. It is currently the most manufactured, with two regular sized existing stores. If you would like to purchase a Price Mart for your town, DM Crafterboi500 on discord. A google form will be set up soon.


As of September 2020, Three Price Marts currently exist in the world. The original Price mart was made in Alvingdale on 1000 Mclain Road. Below will be a list of other Price Mart locations:

-Oceanside on ???? Monterrey Street

-Froplacoge on ???? Crafter Road

Lilygrove Store coming soon. .