Punta Airport Company

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Punta Airport Company
Senior staff
Founder Cortesi
CEO Cortesi
Facts and figures
Headquarters Murrville
Founded September 12, 2019

Punta Airport Company is a corporation on the MRT Server that builds and manages airports on the server. The CEO of the company is Cortesi. The company built airports all around the MRT world and currently manages some of the biggest.

Airport Name Built Managed
Epsilon International Airport
Airchester Airfield
Murrville-Arcadia International
MineCity Regional Airport
Kenthurst Aerodrome
Elecna Bay International
Cyra (Eastern Terminal)
Welsbury Airfield
Laclede Harry S Truman
Utopia Jimmy Doolittle
Ocean Suburb Airport
Rockaway Airport
Schillerton Airfield
Marblelake Heathrow
Riverside Airport
Northern Trail Airport
Andromeda International
Anthro Island Airport

Purchase a Gate

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