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Purple Pidgeon

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Purple Pidgeon


"Flying to serve you"
Senior staff
Founder Vickiposa
CEO Vickiposa
Facts and figures
Headquarters Larkspur
Founded October 12th, 2018

Purple Pidgeon is a sit-down restaurant franchise operated by Vickiposa. It specializes in Burgers, Chicken, and Chipfries (French Fries from Larkspur).

It was founded on October 12th, 2018 as Vickiposa wanted some restaraunts to fill out the Timpani district of Larkspur, and built its first location. Its name is inspired off of the American chain Red Robin based in Seattle, Washington. Further locations were soon built outside Larkspur, starting out in Deadbush.

Request a new location be built! (Please read the Restaurants section first)


This is a selection of all items served at Purple Pidgeon. Note that this is for aesthetic purposes only and not served in-game.


All burgers come with a complimentary order of bottomless Chipfries, which can be substituted for a bowl of fruit, mac n' cheese, or a side salad. All standard buns can be substituted with their gluten-free equivalents upon request.

  • The Classic - Classic 100% pure beef patty with two buns and cheddar cheese. Served with mayonnaise and tomatoes. ($11)
  • The Double Classic - The same as the classic, but with double the beef patties for double the flavor ($15)
  • The Porkbelly - Enjoy this barbecue burger with a pork patty topped with barbecue sauce, onions, and swiss cheese. ($11)
  • The Chili Patty - This western-style burger is topped with chili, onions, and shredded mozzarella cheese. ($13)
  • The Death Row - Ready for pain? Try this sandwich with pepperjack cheese, jalapeno peppers, spicy sriracha sauce, and our own house super spicy sauce. ($13)
  • The Sunrise - A classic breakfast-inspired sandwich topped with an over-easy cooked egg with hot sauce, shredded cheese, and hash browns. ($15)
  • The Roasted Pidgeon - A spicy chicken sandwich topped with onions, lettuce, and swiss cheese. ($13)
  • The Vegan - For our friends who object to carnivorism, enjoy a tofu patty with a lack of cheese. ($9)
  • Vicki's Favorite - A certain someone's go-to sandwich with a beef patty, tomatoes, mayonnaise, guacamole, and jalapeno peppers. ($15)


Opening a New Location

Formerly, we used to accept requests to open new Purple Pidgeons on the spot, but, starting on March 13th, 2019, we now only accept ones filled out at this form here.

If you order a copy/paste location, you can fill it out and Vicki can build it whenever she can, even if you are offline, and you can pay for it afterward.


In order to occupy the wide variety of settings in which Purple Pidgeons are founded in, there are several types of locations in which may be built. From the standard, to flagships, to custom locations, they all apply to different niches in which one may want a Purple Pidgeon to fill.

Locaton #2 in Deadbush -- a standard restaraunt design.


The original style of location that is modeled off the original location in Larkspur but meant to be built whereever and whenever it needed to be. A standard location featuring our full-menu offerings, standalone and iconic with the famous interiors that customers have come to expect. The cost to build a new one is exactly $20 and requires a space 21 meters wide and 20 meters from front to back.


The most popular option offered due to its versatility and ease of construction. With no standard model, these can be built in any situation one wants them to be in, perfect for malls and transit terminals. While it formerly had no regular price, it now costs a $0.1 per square meter of floor space.


Our largest offering opened to celebrate our 25th location, it is primarily a statement to those around you of how much you love Purple Pidgeon (and a massive advertisement on our end) The first and only one to exist so far is in Central City by Arisa Street and Chesterfield Avenue, costing a whopping $160 and can only be built in Senator cities and larger.

List of Locations

Branch # City / Area Ward X-Coordinate Z-Coordinate Design Date Established Local MRT
1 Larkspur / Downtown Ward 8 -8411 -8886 Custom 2018-10-12  NW22  Larkspur - Downtown
2 Deadbush / South Ward 6 -7914 9320 Standard 2018-10-13  M36  Deadbush Central
3 Sunshine Coast / Midtown Ward 4 15988 17939 Standard 2018-12-10 N/A
4 New Acreadium / Mall Ward 1 2396 -13867 Custom 2018-12-28  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station
5 Seoland / East Seoland Ward 1 864 -11200 Standard 2019-01-01 N/A
6 Willow / Realistic District Ward 8 -10160 -8830 Standard 2019-01-02  T48  Foobar
7 Whitechapel Sky Harbor / Terminal B Ward 9 -3100 -2400 Custom 2019-01-06  A10  Rivera (Whitechapel-Radiance Square)
8 Siletz Salvador Station Ward 4 2492 2949 Custom 2019-01-09  V13  Siletz
9 Pasadena / Central Ward 9 -4780 -4630 Standard 2019-01-10  A20  Pasadena
10 Scarborough Ward 4 4535 4233 Standard 2019-01-11  P21  /  V19  Scarborough
11 Woodsdale Municipal Airport Ward 1 -191 -5313 Custom 2019-01-11  ZN10  Woodsdale
12 Dabecco / Central RaiLinQ Ward 4 2110 2515 Custom 2019-01-11  F9  Dabecco - Franchise Boulevard
13 Danielston / Esterhaus University Ward 5 -2019 1274 Custom 2019-01-15  D7  Danielston - Paisley Place
14 Seoland / Fisherman's Arrow Stadium Ward 9 -238 -11945 Custom (3 Stands) 2019-01-15 N/A
15 Venceslo / Venceslo Village Ward 5 -963 6952 Custom 2019-01-18  ZS20  Venceslo Station
16 Espil / River Road Ward 7 -5809 2529 Custom 2019-01-18  C80  Espil - Eisli Central
17 Achowalogen Takachsin / Orion Ward 3 6080 -1260 Custom 2019-01-20  XE16  Foobar
18 Creeperville / Miyazaki Ward Ward 1 4863 -7915 Custom 2019-01-20  NE8  Creeperville
19 New Stone City / The Stone Bird Unclear 6868 15631 Custom 2019-01-23 N/A
20 Osaka / Kyoto Ward 8 -16776 -9539 Standard 2019-02-11 N/A
21 Chan Bay / College Park Unclear -17801 4919 Standard 2019-02-20 N/A
22 New Acreadium / Schiphol RaiLinQ Ward 1 2141 -12898 Custom 2019-03-10  ZN29  New Acreadium - Schiphol Airport
23 Gryffin / Marketplace Unclear 7783 16087 Standard 2019-03-10  V45  Foobar
24 San Juan / Waterfront Park Ward 6 -6380 11491 Custom 2019-03-10 N/A
25 Central City Ward 0 223 109 Flagship 2019-03-10  X0  /  Z0  Central Park
26 Waterville / Pontiac RaiLinQ Ward 9 -4646 -5353 Custom 2019-03-13  A22  Waterville - Downtown
27 TwinLands / RaiLinQ Ward 1 4560 -12266 Custom 2019-03-13 N/A
28 Antioch Ward 1 2370 -11935 Standard 2019-03-13  ZN28  Antioch
29 Achowalogen Takachsin / Merchant City IntraRail Ward 3 2787 -1713 Custom 2019-03-13  XE8  Merchant City
30 Hensall / Xenive Headquarters Ward 4 10991 8193 Custom 2019-03-17  P44  Foobar (future)



  • The name is a typo. "Pidgeon" should be "Pigeon", but by the time this was caught, it was too late to rebrand the business. Oh well!