Pyeongmun City

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Pyeongmun City
Pyeongmun Flag.png
The Official Flag of Pyeongmun City
Town officials
Mayor BangtanSky
Deputy Mayor chiefbozx
Founder BangtanSky
Sheriff None
Bus None
Roadways Inspiration from Spring Valley
Other transit None
Facts and figures
Population 0
Founded October 25, 2015
June 13, 2016
Recognized as town Not Yet =(
Town rank [Trustee]
Official language(s) English
Korean (Spoken Only, not Written)
Vietnamese (Spoken in chat only, not written on signs and buildings)
World Gamma (New)
Post codes  PC8 
Political Party StaDev Party

Pyeongmun City (Korean: 평문시티) is a city located in the northwestern lakes and rivers of the New World, near Spring Valley. Pyeongmun City was founded by BangtanSky and is currently owned by BangtanSky. It is a small (but still slowly developing) city. The city's official language is English, but it's two main languages are English and Korean. It is the second city on the MRT to have a Korean name (behind Janghwa City), but the first to have English as it's official language, even though it is under a Korean name.


Pyeongmun City was founded on October 25, 2015. When BangtanSky first joined as a Guest, he saw a Korean player named HanSangYoon. BangtanSky started hanging around HanSangYoon and they became friends. He also went and visited Janghwa Metropolitan City, and he liked the details of the buildings and how the city was styled. This city inspired Pyeongmun.

On the day that BangtanSky became a Member, he immediately began his search for a station with somewhat flat lands and no hills, a land that was relatively close to Janghwa City. He tried M20, but because of Janghwa City being so close to M20, BangtanSky moved away for Janghwa's future expansion plans. BangtanSky then noticed that D20 was the perfect spot to start building, and so he decided to build his city there. Pyeongmun City is a slow-developing city (and we mean SLOW) due to the fact that BangtanSky is on this project by himself with very little help from anyone.

In April 2016, autobus22 bought the city from BangtanSky so it could be incorporated into the nearby city of Bexley. Initially BangtanSky agreed to the sale and the payment was made. However after this BangtanSky wanted to have the city back as this move disadvantaged Jangwha's future expansion plans, but as the sale was already made, a fight ensued over who now owns the city. The staff ruled that as the sale gone through autobus22 now owns the city and the city was not returned to BangtanSky. However, an agreement was made to allow all buildings to be copied out of the town to another location.

On June 13th, 2016, BangtanSky started another Pyeongmun, far, far away from the old one. With the help of Architect_21, he started it near Spring Valley.

Name and Terminology

The name "Pyeongmun" is a literal Korean derivation word that means "Peaceful Civilization". "Pyeong" (평) came from "Pyeonghwa" (평화), meaning peace. "Mun" (문) came from "Munmyeong" (문명), meaning civilization. Just like Janghwa, this word was created by using the traditional system of combining two different Hanja letters for naming a city, and hence, Pyeongmun is not an actual word in the Korean language itself.

City Laws

  • Follow all MRT server rules.
  • Respect the mayor, and the deputy mayor, and all of their final rulings.
  • Jaywalk in the city, but do it safely.
  • Do not disrespect any allied cities.
  • Respect all citizens of Pyeongmun.
  • Follow the Golden Rule. (Treat others how you want them to treat you)

City Announcements

None at the moment.