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Central Quiris
Town officials
Mayor _HeavenAngel_
Deputy Mayor Toaro
Founder _HeavenAngel_
Sheriff -
Treasurer -
Town Councillors -
MRT  ZN15  Quiris South
 ZN16  Quiris East
 NW2  Foobar
Roadways Highway A101.pngB139 shield.png  B93 
Facts and figures
Population 4
Town hall coordinates (988,68,-7009) (x,y,z)
Founded 23rd May (1100)
Recognized as town A while back xD
Town rank Premier
Official language(s) English
World New World

Local Industries

Local franchises of Quiris: FreeSTYLE wears, ssFuel.


Geographic Location of Quiris


Quiris(Zn15&Zn16) is located along the Zephyr line.

Postcode Zone: QR1

City Code: QRS


To be added soon.

Neighbouring Cities; Heights City(Zn14), LiME(Zn17).

Road Connections; Woodsdale(Zn10), Heights City(Zn14), LiME(Zn17), AEville(Zn18), BirchView(Zn13/C1) via Heights City.

Shared Municipal Policy (SMP): Quiris(Zn15&Zn16) is proud to be part of the Ionian Conurbation SMP, along with Woodsdale(Zn10), Heights City(Zn14) and BirchView(Zn13/C1).


Town established by User:HeavenAngel since 23rd May 2015.

Cultural Landmarks:

To be added soon:

Places of Interest:


- Latent Lancet (Quiris Townhall)


- Quiris Candor Palace (featured in: The Amazing Race)


- Ripine University


- Thinest Garrison


- Edelfort Citadel

Living Standards


The housing in Quiris is mainly affordable apartments for most of the population. There are also condominiums, some landed housing and various hotels around the city. The main housing district is north of the townhall.

Public facilities:

Majority of the public facilities lies on the now, outskirts, of the city as the central area is a business hub.


To be added soon.

Accessibility to goods and services:

To be added soon.


To be added soon.

Tourism & Related Information

Available advertisement spaces in public places and facilities (Players may request for advertisement places in Quiris, please note that upfront charges may apply for advertisement spaces):

- Inside of the upcoming School (Only education related advertisements allowed)

- On the streets in permitted areas (Contact User:HeavenAngel by MRT mail, to know more about these places)

- On permitted skyscrapers (Contact User:HeavenAngel by MRT mail, to know more about these places)

Current & Upcoming projects in Quiris

Current projects (Arranged in order of priority):

- The northern area of Quiris is still being expanded on, things to be built; housing, factories, shops and facilities

- Some of you might have seen the runway in the north. Please take note that it is NOT going to be for commercial purposes, there are currently no plans for Quiris to have an airport.

Upcoming & Planned projects (Arranged in order of priority):

- Something exciting in the north (where the runway is ;)~, its not an airport/airfield!)

- There are plans to furnish Quiris 100%, this may take awhile and will be done over a long time.

- Farms to sustain Quiris' growing population will be set up in the north as part of a self sustainability program.