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RS Transit

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RS Transit
Founder & CEO hawksfan1010
Rail Lines  RLL - RS Lime Loop
 RRL - RS Red Loop
 RPUL - RS Purple Line
 RPIL - RS Pink Line
Bus Routes  6 
Highways  I-7 
Facts and figures
Headquarters Coordinates 1508, 62, -88
Founded April 2013 as a branch of RS Inc., August 2013 as an independent company, April 2014 as a fully owned subsidiary of RS Inc..
Parent Company RS Inc.

RS Transit is a company on the MRT server. It is led by hawksfan1010. The HQ for RS Transit is located at  R11  Crystal City in the World Trade Center. (Building 7)

RS Transit began as a branch of RS Inc. in April of 2013. It was left inactive for many months before the CEO decided to dissolve RS Inc. and transfer all assets to the independent RS Transit. It was decided in April of 2014 that the best course of action would be to re-incorporate RS Transit into RS Inc.

We understand that this wiki page may be a bit hard to read straight down. But, the page was made in a fashion where the Contents box right below this sentence can be used in place of scrolling.

Persephone Family

The Persephone family is a brand new family of designs from RS Transit. It is the biggest family in RS Transit. It is considered the first generation of RS Transit systems.

Rail Station Design

The one station design is officially referred to as the "Persephone Rail Station". The Persephone Rail Station is a rapid transit rail station meant for smaller deployments (as in it can fit into smaller areas). Facts and pictures about PRS can be found below. No orders are being taken at the current time, but should be expected in the future. In addition, the wool color in the station can be changed upon ordering.

  • Height: 10 blocks with all redstone, 6 without redstone
  • Width: 11 blocks with redstone, 7 tunnel only
  • Station Stop Time: 5 seconds (approx.)
Exterior View 1
Exterior View 2
Top View
Station View - Looking Down Entry Tunnel
Entry to Track
Arrival/Departure Bays (dual-function bays)
Redstone Delay for Departure Launch

In addition, one station on each loop (Bluemont on Lime Loop, Regional Airport on Red Loop) has a dual ECD (empty cart detector) in both directions. These are built so that carts travelling in the wrong direction do not clog up the line. The dual ECD's work in the forward fashion as any other Persephone ECD's do. However, if one was to go the wrong direction on a track, the cart will travel over a detector rail triggering a rail direction change to destroy the cart. it is very hard to explain in words, so please see the image below for a visual.

The Dual ECD can be seen at lower left. The tripwire still functions, in addition to the new detector rail. (Picture taken on RS Lime Loop in Bluemont)

Rail Tunnel Design

The Persephone Rail Tunnel is a modern and sleek rail tunnel made to be paired with the Persphone Rail Station. The Persephone Rail Tunnel is 15 blocks long, and has lights placed to make stacking and copy/pasting a tunnel easier than ever. The tunnel is made simply of double steps, wool (this can be changed upon order), and the track with iron bars seperating them. You can view various pictures below.

Currently, we are not taking order but we expect to open this up in the future.

Side View
Underbelly View (4 redstone torches)
Top View
Inside View

Bus Station Design

View 1 of the station
View 2 of the station
Station interior
Trash system schematics

Bus Design

We currently have one bus model, aptly named the "Persephone Bus". Alternatively, the bus operates under the branding "RS Transit QuikBus".

Side view
Front end view, bike rack visible
Back end view
Bus interior view, warps on back wall

Current Train Lines

 RLL  RS Lime Loop

Brief History: Originally, the RS Lime Loop was meant to begin and end at SCTC, but it was determined that it would be difficult to complete. This along with a slight shortage of available platforms at the centre led to a decision to slightly reroute the loop through Ampitheatre. The rest of the route however, was preserved so that the loop can serve far distances.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png L1 Ampitheatre  B   Y 
Dynmap Green Flag.png L2 Theatre District  B   Y 
Dynmap Green Flag.png L3 Bluemont  G   R 
Dynmap Green Flag.png L4 Bloomington  G   BMTA2   BMTA4   M1   IB04B 
Dynmap Green Flag.png L5 Owasso  Y   SCL C 
Dynmap Green Flag.png L6 Harbourfront  B   TFMD   SCL B   SCL C 
Dynmap Green Flag.png L1 Ampitheatre  B   Y 

 RRL  RS Red Loop

Line Operator: hawksfan1010

RS Station Used: Persephone

RS Tunnel Used: Persephone

Brief History: The RS Red Loop has a very similar story to the RS Lime Loop, originally being routed out of SCTC and being moved to the nearby Oasis. The loop then heads south, then east, and then returns to the north reconnecting to its roots in Oasis.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png R1 Oasis  G 
Dynmap Green Flag.png R2 Laurel  G 
Dynmap Pin.png R3 Regional Airport/Stanwood (planned)  G 
Dynmap Pin.png R4 Hillside-Pagoda (planned)  Y 
Dynmap Construction.png R5 Miningstone (under construction)  Y   B 
Dynmap Green Flag.png R6 Greater West Spawn MegaValue  G   R 
Dynmap Green Flag.png R1 Oasis  G 

 RPUL  RS Purple Line

Line Operator: hawksfan1010

RS Station Used: Persephone

RS Tunnel Used: Persephone

Brief History: The RS Purple Line does not have a plethora of stations, but it does have a long range - making it all the way from the Spawn City Metropolitan Area to the far north in Riverend. The line cuts to the ocean for its first leg, but then rejoins with the coast before plunging beck into cold ocean waters to call at Woodzy Beach and eventually onto the final destination, Riverend.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png P1 SCTC (CC/DD)  G 
Dynmap Green Flag.png P2 Atlantis  R 
Dynmap Pin.png P3 Sandstone Fair (planned)  B 
Dynmap Pin.png P4 Woodzy Beach (planned)  B 
Dynmap Construction.png P5 Riverend (under construction)  O 

 RPIL  RS Pink Line

Line Operator: hawksfan1010

RS Station Used: Persephone

RS Tunnel Used: Persephone

Brief History: The RS Pink Line was the last of the four original RS lines to be planned, having a medium reach on the map. The line originates from the Spawn City Metropolitan Area, just like the RS Purple Line. It reaches close to the International Airport, with its final destination being the RS Transit Labs near  Y5  Barrow station. On its way there, the line makes intermittent stops at  B7  Shea-Jungle Resort,  Y9  Survival Games,  Y8  Northeast Waterport, along with a few other stations before the aforementioned three.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png P1 SCTC (EE/FF) (under construction)  G 
Dynmap Pin.png P2 Government District (planned)  B 
Dynmap Pin.png P3 Airport Express Access Point (planned)  Y  (nearby)
Dynmap Pin.png P4 Sandstone Fair (planned)  B 
Dynmap Pin.png P5 B7 (planned)  B 
Dynmap Pin.png P6 Survival Games (planned)  Y 
Dynmap Pin.png P7 Northeast Waterport (planned)  Y 
Dynmap Construction.png P8 RS Transit Lab (under construction)  Y  (nearby)

 RSE  RS Silverwynne Express

Line Operator: hawksfan1010

RS Station Used: Persephone

RS Tunnel Used: Persephone

Brief History: The RS Silverwynne Express is the sole provider to link the island town of Silverwynne to the mainland. The line is an express line between the island of Silverwynne and  R2  Pig Racing

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png S1 Silverwynne (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png S2 R2 - Pig Racing (under construction)  R 

Rail Line Maps

RS Lime Loop Map
RS Red Loop Map

Bus Routes

We currently have no bus routes active, but we have 3 that are in the planning stage.

 6  RS Bus Route 6; New Delvin via Owasso, B7 & Woodzy Beach

Line Operator: hawksfan1010

Brief History: This line was hand-picked to showcase both the modern and rural areas of the server. The stops in SCTC and Owasso showcase the urban and suburban feel, while  B7  Shea-Jungle Resort,  B5  Woodzy Beach, and  B3  New Delvin showcase some rural and simple suburban areas. Enjoy your ride along I-101 and I-0 as you take this stunning journey.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png 6.1 SCTC (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png 6.2 Owasso (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 6.3 B7 (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 6.4 Woodzy Beach (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 6.5 New Delvin (planned) No connections

 38  RS Bus Route 38; Kitania via Industrial District, Aperture, High Hoopsville, & Andromeda

Line Operator: hawksfan1010

Brief History: The RS Bus Route 38 was chosen to showcase the server's eastern metropolitan communities, specifically ones like High Hoopsville or Andromeda. Recently, the line has been extended to provide an express-like service between Andromeda and Kitania.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png 38.1 SCTC (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 38.2 Industrial District (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 38.3 Aperture (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 38.4 High Hoopsville/MineCity (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 38.5 Andromeda (planned) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png 38.6 Kitania (under construction) No connections

 63  RS Bus Route 63; Talihina via Redstone Gaming Centre & Crystal City

Line Operator: hawksfan1010

Brief History: RS Bus Route 63 was the last of the original 3 bus lines to be planned, and is the shortest bus route out of all 3. The route travels in an express-like manner, covering a large distance without many stops.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 63.1 Owasso  Y   IB01 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 63.2 Crystal City  R , multiple bus connections.
Dynmap Green Flag.png 63.3 Talihina  R 

Note: RS Transit's routes are indicated using  1  through  99 . (More information is on the bus transit page.)


The Persephone Toll System will be implemented on two highways so far, but may be implemented on more. The Persephone Toll System has been modified since the 1.6.2 update. It now features 3 lanes. 2 on each side are for pigs, the center lane is taller to allow for horse travel.

  • NOTE: All Persephone Toll plans are on hold at this time.

 I-7  is a new Intermap built by hawksfan1010, owned in whole by RS Transit. The Intermap's north termius is at Intermap 0 .png to the immediate east of Woodzy Beach. The Intermap will travel south through the West Ocean to its south terminus at  I-107  (location undecided). The only traditional exit between the two interchanges will be Atlantis.

RS Airlines

RS Airlines began when airlines were extremely popular on the server, and many were duking it out for gates. RS entered the market a bit later than others, and therefore was not privy to many gates. With some bargaining and trading, RS acquired a few gates at both the MRT Regional and International Airports. You can find our gates listed below.

Airport Terminal Gate Flight Number Aircraft
International A 12 436 Unidentified
International A 16 294 Airbus A330-200
International B Unnumbered 782 Bombardier CRJ-700
Regional A Unnumbered 216 McDonnell Douglas MD-80

Public Lab

We have closed our lab at  Y5  Barrow. When you arrive, you will notice that in place of the elevator is a cubby with signs. You can enter there to find a warp sign to our brand new, state-of-the-art showroom!

Transit Centers (Hubs)

At this time, we do not own any of our own transit centers. We began construction on ours in Spawn City with 4 platforms. We were later approached by Chief and offered a large block in the Spawn City Transit Centre and we took the offer.

Spawn City Transit Centre

The Spawn City Transit Centre is a large transit centre under construction by chiefbozx in Spawn City at  G16  Financial District-SCTC station. It features many rail and bus lines in its massive and sprawling property. RS Transit currently owns platforms CC/DD and EE/FF on the Emerald Concourse. CC/DD and EE/FF will be occupied by the RS Transit Purple Line and the RS Transit Pink Line, respectively.

How to Order a Product

Ordering for RS is painless and simple, and custom too. We pride ourselves in customer service. Is there something that bugs you about a certain aspect of the station or tunnel? No problem! We cater to YOU, the customer.

After ordering a product, you will need to meet with an RS Representative. There, they will discuss different aspects of your order and everything will be confirmed. The meeting will take place in the RS Transit HQ (WTC Building 7) in  R11  Crystal City. This is a good time to bring up any visions or ideas you have for the line, and any questions you may have.

NOTE: Please do not contact us to schedule a meeting. An RS Rep will contact you via MRT Mail.

Please drop all order in our business P.O. box in the MRT Mail Centre.

IMPORTANT: At this time, we are not accepting any orders. We are working feverishly on our project at the SCTC. Please allow us to finish our work there, and we will be happy to assist! Estimated date of return: Unknown

Rail Lines:

  • Your username
  • Date of order
  • Station Design
  • Tunnel Design
  • List the 2 termini & number of stops in between
  • Have you obtained permission from all mayors affected by the line? (Yes/No)
  • Requested Date of Completion
  • Line Color (Stained Clay color)
  • Would you like to customize any aspects of your order? (Yes/No)

Bus Lines:

  • Your username
  • Date of order
  • Bus stop/station design
  • Bus design
  • List the 2 termini of the line & the number of stops in between
  • Have you obtained permission from all mayors affected by the line? (Yes/No)
  • Requested date of completion
  • Would you like to customize any aspects of your order? (Yes/No)


  • Highways are built exclusively by hawksfan1010 at this time. If you would like to see a large scale highway in your town, please contact him and he will see what he can do.

Ship Routes:

  • Ship routes are on a limited, company controlled basis. If you would like a ferry to reach your town, please contact hawksfan1010 via the RS Transit business box located at the MRT Mail Centre. The destinations must be realistic & reasonable. If your town is not connected directly to the west ocean of the server, then 1 of 2 things can be done. You can either dig a channel for your town, or you can abandon the idea if it is not possible to dig a canal.


Many mods have helped RS along the way with helping build our lines in the form of WorldEdit. While we cannot verify that we cover everyone that helps us, I would like to create a system for those who helped us the most. Under each line, there will be two new lines. Level 1 & Level 2 contractors. Level 1 contractors are mods/other builders that helped us, but in a smaller manner. Level 2 contractors are mods or other builders who had a major role in making the designated line possible. This is in no way meant to be rating anyone or making one person better than another, but is an efficient way to recognize those who helped.