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RacCort in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest

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RacCort in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest
Flag of Murrville.png
Cities representedMurrville
Participation summary
Appearances10 (9 finals)
Host2 (Murrville)
7 (Airchester)
First appearance1
Highest placement1st: 1, 6
No. of website apperances6

RacCort, formerly known as Cortesi from the first to the fifth contest, has participated in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest ten times since their debut in the first contest. He has participated in the contest under his city of Murrville. RacCort has won the contest twice.

Contest history

"Last Train to Paradise", a screenshot of Kolpino City, was RacCort's original submission to the first contest, before changing his entry to "After the Party".

Under the username Cortesi, RacCort was one of the first people to submit an entry into the first contest, submitting a screenshot entitled "Last Train to Paradise", a picture of a train station in Kolpino City. He changed his submission a few days later to "After the Party", which went on to win the contest with 280 points.

The second contest was hosted in his town of Murrville, where RacCort submitted a screenshot of autumn Central Park entitled "Waiting for Winter", placing 11th with 126 points.

In the third contest, RacCort submitted "Pushback Approved", a screenshot of Epsilon International Airport, where RacCort failed to qualify for the final for the first time, placing 14th with 27 points in the second semi-final.

With the screenshot "Early Arrival" in the fourth contest, RacCort placed 3rd with 345 points in the final, resulting in his best placement since his win in the first contest. In the following contest, RacCort submitted the screenshot "Platform", placing 9th with 118 points.

In the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 6, RacCort won for the second time with the screenshot "Work Starts at Dusk", a screenshot of Anthro Island, earning 221 points in the final. The screenshot included The Wave Theatre, the planned venue for the following contest if he had won; however, RacCort opted to host the contest in the Epsilon Theatre in Airchester instead to have a more nostalgic aesthetic. For the contest hosted in his city, he submitted the screenshot "It's Good to be Back", placing 18th, receiving 67 points.

In the eighth and ninth contests, RacCort placed 3rd in each contest's respective semi-finals, with the screenshots "Games Continued" and "I remember this place". He placed 9th and 16th in the final of those respective contests. In the latter contest, he placed last in the public vote, only receiving 18 points from the public. Between the eighth and ninth contests, RacCort transferred Murrville to KittyCat11231 and has since gotten permission from him to participate under Murrville. When the tenth contest occurred, RacCort opted not to participate.

When returning to the contest in the eleventh contest, he submitted "Man Overboard", returning to a top 10 placement placing 10th, receiving 111 points.


RacCort has featured various modes of transit in his submissions from the third to fifth contest, and later in the eleventh contest.

RacCort has taken pictures of his own towns four times in the screenshots "Pushback Approved", "Early Arrival", "Work Starts at Dusk", and "I remember this place".

Participation overview

Table key
Third place
Contest City represented Screenshot City photographed Final Semi-final
Place Points Place Points
1 Flag of Murrville v1.png Murrville "After the Party" Daneburg 1 280 No semi-finals
2 "Waiting for Winter" Central City 11 126
3 "Pushback Approved" Airchester, Sesby Failed to qualify 14 27
4 "Early Arrival" Airchester 3 345 3 118
5 "Platform" Arcadia 9 118 4 81
6 Flag of Murrville.png Murrville "Work Starts at Dusk" Anthro Island 1 221 1 165
7 "It's Good to be Back" Inchmuir 18 67 Prior winner
8 "Games Continued" Sesby 9 130 3 101
9 "I remember this place" Murrville 16 77 3 113
11 "Man Overboard" None[a] 10 111 8 71
12 "Raindreaming" Rivarennes TBD

MRTvision: Celebrating 10 Screenshot Contests

City represented Screenshot City photographed At Celebrating 10 At MRTvision
Final Points Semi Points Contest Place Points
Flag of Murrville.png Murrville "After the Party" Daneburg Failed to qualify 18 120 1 1 280
"Early Arrival" Airchester 10 101 8 131 4 3 345
"Work Starts at Dusk" Anthro Island 3 157 5 140 6 1 221


  1. The screenshot was taken at the A.T.F. Autumns Hammer off of the coast of Arcadia.