Race To Escape

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Race To Escape
Race To Escape.png
Game Overview
Original game show runJuly 21, 2017
No. of seasons0
Created byMinecraftYoshi26
Presented byMinecraftYoshi26
InspirationRace to Escape - Wikipedia

Race To Escape was a reality competition, hosted by MinecraftYoshi26, where competitors competed against each other and attempted to solve a series of psychological clues or puzzles to escape a themed room. The grand prize was planned to be $7,500 with runner-up prize as $3,000.

The show was canceled shortly after its first room was released due to time constraints. The game show that replaced it was Big Brother 2 that began shortly after.

Show Format

Competitors faced off in teams of two against each other and the faster time recorded moves on. The competitors complete their rooms at their own discretion, whenever they are free. The slowest times are eliminated. If the show did not get canceled, it would be the only major game show of MinecraftYoshi26's which does not require Mumble or Discord and also would have the largest cast in any major game show at 36.


Each room is encased in an iron box and stylized a theme. Competitors must solve challenges, such as puzzles, inside a room and figure out what they must do. To progress on the room, a piece of paper is renamed to a four-digit code found in the room to light up four redstone lamps, each responding to a correct code, to eventually open the door. Additionally, items are given as the game progresses from a dispenser adjacent to the anvil used to rename papers. Competitors are allowed to break blocks that are not the walls, roof, or floor, however, are advised not to unless they feel as if they must to progress the puzzle successfully and correctly.

After ten minutes have elapsed after the start of a section of a puzzle, then a clue will be given. If competitors wants the clue before the ten minutes elapsed time, then the timer will be sped up to reach ten minutes for that section. After the hint is given, if another ten minutes elapse for that section, then the direct code is given via a direct hint. Speeding up time for this is allowed as well.

Additional Rules

  • Discussing or sharing information about rooms to competitors who have not completed the room may result in disqualification or other penalties from the whole competition for all parties involved.
  • Competitors are only allowed steak inside as a food source unless specified otherwise and must be in survival.
  • Using any staff powers is not allowed.
  • Competitors must clear their inventory after leaving the immediate area of the puzzle and must not take any items from the rooms out of the immediate area.
  • If a competitor would like complete the puzzle without their teammate(s) there, they are allowed to under the condition that the other team members consent or the host deems it fit, such as in time constraints.
  • Default texture pack or a similar variation is recommended. X-ray texture packs or anything like such is not allowed.
  • If a team takes too long to complete the room, they me be automatically eliminated from the game.
  • Rules may be edited without notice at any time.
  • It is up to the host's discretion to make rulings on rule interpretations.

Show Summary