Radiance Square 2018 Summer Olympic Bid

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Radiance Square 2018 Summer Olympic Bid
City Radiance Square, Whitechapel, Kenthurst
Slogan Your next chapter
Round 1 7 Points (Top 3)
Round 2 3 (Not top 2)

The Radiance Square 2018 Summer Olympic Bid was a failed bid of Radiance Square for the 2018 Summer Olympics. The city applied to be considered for bidding in mid February of 2018 and was selected as one of the top 3 candidates for the 2018 Olympics in the first round, the other two being Elecna Bay and Whiteley, but being eliminated in the second.

The City

Radiance Square is a governor city located on the east of Lake Capricorn. With a coastline good for rowing and facilities in place, in construction, or ready to be built, the city would have been excellent place to host the 2018 Olympics


Bordering major cities like Whitechapel and Kenthurst, the city is accessible by practically any plane, train, and has an extensive bus line by autobus22. Radiance Square International Airport has numerous destinations that make accessing the city by air easy. Finally, the A8 highway allows for the city to be accessible by road. The city is connected to the rest of the MRT and that should be considered when deciding who should the host the Olympics.


Radiance Square has grown rapidly recently and the city is ready to shine. The landscape had land suited for every event in the Olympics. A major event like the Olympics is best suited in Radiance Square as the Olympics can be defined by the growing culture and influence of the city.


Overall zone map
Zone map in Radiance square

The 2018 Olympics, if chosen to be in Radiance Square, would have been operated in 9 different venues and would have had an Olympic village:

Surf Stadium

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  • Racing

Michael Phelps Aquatic Center

  • Swimming
  • Diving

 Lake Capricorn 

  • Rowing

Downtown Radiance Square

  • Start/Finish of Elytra Course
  • Parkour
  • Start/Finish of Cross Country


  • Sumo

Brady Ellison Archery Center

  • Archery

Seagull Stadium

  • PvP

 Whitechapel Horse Racing Track 

  • Horse Racing

 Kenthurst Forest Mini Golf 

  • Golfing

Olympic Village

The Olympic village would have been a set of condos located in the Northwest of the city. Construction would have begun shortly after being awarded the Olympics.


All permanent builds would have continued to be used after the Olympics and renovated for new purposes. Temporary builds would have been removed shortly after the Olympics are over.