Radiance Square International Airport

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Radiance Square International Airport

Aeropuerto Internacional de Radiance Square

Airport typeAirport
Owner/OperatorRadiance Square Transit Authority
ServesRadiance Square
LocationEast Lake Capricorn, Southeast Ward 8
Hub forNexus Airlines
BuiltFebruary 1, 2017 - February 3, 2018
In useFebruary 3, 2018 - Present
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18 499 152 Gray Concrete
36 499 152 Gray Concrete

Radiance Square International Airport is an international airport located in southern Radiance Square and on the east of Lake Capricorn. The airport, while smaller than nearby Whitechapel Sky Harbor and Kenthurst Aerodrome, is designed to handle nearly any size of planes.



Originally, Radiance Square was never planned to have an airport. Land was limited and nearby airports made the need for one not necessary. However, when Aliksong offered to alter his road to Kenthurst Port and clear the land where the airport now stands, the planning for the airport began. In order to appeal to the majority of airlines on the server, different size gates were planned. Terminal A was planned for big planes (65 long, 50 wide) while Terminal B was planned for medium to small planes (45 long, 41 wide). With help from the admods (shoutout to Alik and TomPairs), the airport was finished in just 3 days.

The airport finished an new extension, adding three terminals, on May 10, 2018.


Terminal A
Gate Airline Destination
1A Infamous Airlines Fort Yaxier International Airport
2A Fred Air Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport - Fort Yaxier International Airport
3A IntraAir Elecna Bay International Airport
4A BART Airlines ATC
5A AirLinQ Fort Yaxier International Airport, San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport, Espil Ecilidae Airport, Union of Central Western Territories International Airport, Leydon International Airport
Terminal B
Gate Airline Destination
1B Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport
2B BluAir Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport - Elecna Bay International Airport
3B SkyTrans UCWTIA
4B National Airlines Titsensaki International
5B Ilirea Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport
6B FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
7B South Weast Charter Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
Terminal C "Nexus Terminal"
Gate Airline Destination
1C Nexus Airlines Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre - Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport
2C Nexus Airlines -
3C Nexus Airlines -
4C South Weast Charter FYI - Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport
5C SunAir Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
6C FreeAir Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Terminal D
Gate Airline Destination
1D BluAir Ice Springs Regional Airport
2D Elecna Airlines Elecna Bay International Airport
3D Caelus Airlines Horizon National Airport
4D Cascadia Airways Vegeta City Airfield - Ilirea Midcity Airport - Waterville Municipal Airfield - Omerah International Airport
5D BenAir Omerah International Airport
Terminal E
Gate Airline Destination
1E AirLinQ Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport - Chokster City Borderline Airport - Autocity Antonio Airport
2E Infamous Eagle Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Kantō Airfield
North Haven Riverside Airfield
3E Infamous Eagle Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport
Deadbush Edgecliff Airport
West Calbar Regional Airport
4E FlyCreeper Creeperville International Airport
5E Infamous Airlines Tranquil Forest Airfield
Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield
Valletta Desert Airfield
6E BluAir Evella Airport

Gate Requests

Gate requests for RSQ are available at https://goo.gl/forms/ygT2soKr7RAZU8ss2. DO NOT MESSAGE MINDBENDER15! THERE ARE NO GATES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME