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This page offers detailed guidelines concerning rail line construction on the MRT server. The MRT server staff recommend reading this page before planning a transit line on the server. You may be referred to this page by a staff member if they believe you have inappropriately prepared or planned a rail line.

Following these guidelines will ensure your rail line complies with the rules and helps prevent future problems.

These guidelines were made in order to make sure members understand the process of building rail lines and to prevent staff from repeating themselves or wasting too much time waiting for steps that should have already been completed.

Planning Your Route

A rail tunnel segment that can easily be stacked. Note how the segment is a cuboid that does not include excess air blocks on the outside (helps reduce lag).

It is important you plan your rail line's route before requesting WorldEdit help. This will save staff members time so that they are able to help more players with their projects.

If your line is underground, its very important that your rail line will not conflict with other underground rail lines or builds. It is required that you dig out a 2x1 tunnel for the entire route of the rail line. This will tell you whether or not your final rail tunnel will hit anything, as well as provide a clear working area for staff.

A staff member will then expand the tunnel to its full size before adding in the final tunnel design. This will point out any builds that may be overlapping with your tunnel. It is your responsibility to check this and re-route the tunnel if necessary.

As well as doing some initial tunnelling, you will also need to provide a tunnel segment. This segment should be built, and marked with points before requesting help from a staff member.

Understanding WorldEdit

Administrators and Moderators get asked a lot to help with WorldEdit. We don't mind that but we do ask you learn a basic understanding of how WorldEdit works, in order to make our jobs easier and get your project completed faster.

Step 1

Place two markers for the AdMod to select.

Step 2

Place a third marker, preferably in a different colour to the previous two. This marker determines where the AdMod will stand to do the '//copy' command. When it is pasted, the copied structure will be relative to where the AdMod was standing when copying.

For example: If a minecart station is copied with the AdMod standing in front of it: when pasted, it will appear in front of them. Similarly, if it is copied with the AdMod inside the station: when pasted, they will be inside the station.

Step 3

Politely ask an online staff member to help you with any WorldEdit assistance. If there are multiple AdMods online, ask politely in main chat and one will aid you. If there are no AdMods online, wait patiently for one to log-in. Remember: You must wait a minimum of 10 minutes from when an AdMod comes on before asking for a WorldEdit! The same applies to seeing an AdMod online via the Dynmap, you are not allowed to simply log-on so you can ask for the WorldEdit.

An object to be copied, the blue blocks represent the region, whereas the red block is the copying location.
The paste location marked at the end of a rail line, see how the station appears relative to where it was copied.
Two commonly used points for positioning a rail station: directly at the entrance way, or the tunnel.


As stated in the server rules: '"Rail lines must be reasonably realistic". Realistic rail lines will often have these qualities:

  • Realistic Structural Support(s)
    • Ask yourself: If your rail line was a real life build, would it be able to hold itself up?
    • Bridges always look cool for times when a rail has to be suspended in the air.
  • Consideration for the Location
    • Rail lines that cross the ocean using a few pillars don't make sense. Why not build it along the ocean floor?
    • Rail lines crossing a body of water would ideally be a bridge.
    • Rail lines overground don't cut through a hill, they'd most likely go around it, or consider a rail tunnel?
    • Having a rail line suspended 20 metres above the ground seems like a lot of work, why not simply place it on the ground?
    • Trees can be cut down, but WorldEdit-ing a channel through a forest isn't environmentally friendly.
    • Spend time terraforming the land around your rail line, it will really make your rail line look great!
  • Suitable Material
    • A rail line supporting itself on glass supports wouldn't be very safe nor would it look realistic.
    • Materials (such as wool) are often used as if they were another material, often this is okay.
    • Using trees isn't a good way of supporting a rail line.
Examples of realistic overground lines.
Examples of unrealistic overground lines, doesn't comply with the rules.

Reminder of Rail Construction Rules

  • If building a rail-line between towns, you must ask the town owner(s) first.
  • Aim to keep your rail-line underground.
  • Unrealistic-looking, above-ground rail-lines may be subject to removal by an Admin.
  • Do not alter another rail-line without the owner's permission.
  • Do not use a player's station design without their permission.

Although not required, we recommend finishing a previous rail line before starting another one. Otherwise staff may consider your incomplete rail as complete and simply not complying with the rules.

Remember: If in doubt, ask a Staff member to help you. They will be more than willing to answer your questions.