Railroad Isle

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Railroad Isle
Town recognition
Date foundedApril 28, 2015
Town hall coordinates7050, 70, -5641
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 2
Local transitCasey's Private Sail Boat
No. of buildings5

Railroad Isle is a small island in the Eastern Sea and is built entirely of real American Railroad Structures from Buildings and Structures of the American Railroads, circa 1893. The mayor is Casey_Jones3.

Town History/Information

Currently, Railroad Isle has a total of 10 Buildings, which only one of which is Non-Railroad. All buildings on the island are constructed as close to the original designs as possible. Which is sometimes very hard, especially with roofs and sizes, as the blueprints are in Feet and Inches and Minecraft is 1m Cubed.

Most Buildings on the island are either to be rented or sold, as some buildings are dual purpose. Talk to Casey_Jones3 for more details on available buildings.

Building Information

Building No. 1

Lehigh Valley Railroad; Oil-Mixing House, Packerton, Penna.

Designed under Mr. John S. Lents, Superintendent of the Car Dept. LVRR, the building was to be built in the Railroad's Packerton, Pennsylvania yards, but was abandoned after finding out there was not enough land to build it! The structure was a One-Story Brick Building that was 80 Ft long and 33 Ft wide. There was to be a basement at one end of the building also. Oils for the engines, such as Steam Oil, Journal Oil, Motor Oil, etc. etc., was to be mixed in this building.

Currently, the occupant is

Building No. 2

Cape Hatteras Light House

This is the only Non-Railroad Building on the island, and one of the few built without designs. The light house stands on the western end of the island as a guide for ships in foggy seas. The Actual Lighthouse is located in Buxton, North Carolina.

Building No. 3

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, Seven-Room Employee Dwelling House

Designed by Mr. H. Jacob, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway had built these small houses near railyards to house employees. None of these buildings survive today. It is a Two Story Structure, with a kitchen annex in the back of the house. The dimensions of the rooms can be found at this website!

This house is currently owned by cgc747.

Building No. 4

Pennsylvania Railroad; Passenger Station, Pottsville, Penna.

Designed under Mr. William H. Brown, Chief Engineer of the PRR, this station was located on the Schuylkill Valley Branch, or more commonly known as the Schuylkill Division, of the Pennsylvania RR. The original structure was built around 1888 and lasted until the 1980s, when it was torn down for a new bus terminal. The building is 25 Ft. by 100 Ft. 6 In. a section of which is Two Stories, which is accessed via a ladder in the ticket office. There is a Gentlemen's and a Ladies' waiting room, along with separate bathrooms. It should be noted that even though this structure was located in the Northern States, sexes were still segregated, keep in mind, this building was build in the 1800s, when that practice was common. There is a baggage room on one end of the building, which handles all baggage. There is a basement which runs the length of the building. Currently it is empty, however, it once housed the heaters for the building. For room sizes, click here!

Currently, Railroad Isle's Town Hall is housed on the Second Floor of this building, which is accessed via a ladder in the Ticket Office.

Building No. 5

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway; Freight House for Way-Stations

This was the standard design for Freight Stations on the Chesapeake & Ohio. The building measures 40ft x 25ft, and has a large room for freight handling and a small office for shipments. This building is also the main design for the franchise, C&O Hobbys.

This building currently serves as Railroad Isle's Visitors Center, as it is located at the Docks in the Southwest of the Island.

Building No. 6

Lehigh Valley Railroad; Frame Flag-Stop Depot, Pottsville Branch.

Designed by Mr. F. E. Schall and built under the direction of Mr. Wm. F. Pascoe, Superintendent of Bridges and Buildings, LVRR, this depot was the design for the Flag Stop Depot along the railroad's Pottsville Branch, From Lizard Creek Junction, or South of Palmerton, PA, to Pottsville, PA. It is a single story frame building, 21ft x 13ft, with a 6ft x 8ft Office Partitioned off inside of the building. The stations on the branch served as the block signals, so every station had some type of signal next to, or on it. A few of the people on the server that have been to Disneyland in California, may recognize this structure as the Frontier Land Depot, and you'd be correct in thinking that the two are related. For the Movie,So Dear to My Heart (1948) Walt Disney built the front of the depot to use as a Movie prop, after the filming was completed, Walt asked Ward Kimbal, who was a fellow Railroad Enthusiast and Disney Animator, if he'd like to have the building for his private railroad, The Grizzly Flats RR, and he accepted that offer and converted the Movie Prop to the full scale building. Fast forward to 1955 and the construction of DisneyLand. Walt asked Ward if he could have the building for the Frontierland Depot. Ward refused, and so Walt built the same depot, only this time added a platform shed on it, which also has designs in the book here! For more information on the Lehigh Valley's Pottsville Branch, go to this website. For more information on the connection between the depot and the Grizzly Flats Railroad, go to this website!

Currently, this building does not have a service, other than appearing as it would have in real life. It is located on the Beach in the Southeast of the Island. The depot also servers as the building design for the franchise Lehigh Valley Ice Cream located around the server.

Building No. 7

Pennsylvania Railroad; Frame Flag Stop Depot with Dwelling

Description to be updated at a later date.

Building No. 8

Passenger Depot, Glen Ridge, New Jersey; Delaware, Lackawana, and Western Railroad

The passenger Depot at Glen Ridge, NJ along the Delaware, Lackawana, and Western Railroad, or DL&W for short, is a very interesting building, at this point, the rail line passes through a 18 ft, Sandstone cut, and so, the station is a Two Story Building, with the platform on the Basement Level. On the Ground level, however, a wagon road passes by the station, over which a Porte-cochère extends over. This building currently still exists and is used as a New Jersey Transit (NJT) Commuter Station, however the Porte-cochère had been removed when horses gave way to Automobiles.

This building is occupied by Casey_Jones3 as his house, and a small canal extends through the basement to the other side of the island. This is one of few in-accurate buildings on the island, mainly due to the fact that some of the building is not shown in the diagram, and some is just not able to be replicated. It is located on the Eastern Peninsula of the island.

Building No. 9

'MJ' Interlocking Tower/CP Potts, Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Reading Company

Located in Pottsville, PA, MJ Interlocking, or more commonly known as Pottsville Junction, was where trains traveling on the Reading Railroad's Mainline, entered into Pottsville, where the Northern Terminus was located. The building was erected some time between 1915 and 1928, although the exact date is unknown. At this location, 4 tracks converged into 2, with the main connection into town. In April of 1976, when Conrail took over the Northeast Railroads, MJ Tower was renamed to CP Potts, in which CP stands for Control Point, and was still used as a manned interlocking tower up until around 1980, when electronics replaced the Interlocking Tower, the building stood until about 1985, when it was demolished, the concrete foundation still stands at the location, however the building is long gone. The switch board is still in existance, and is located at The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, in Strasburg, PA.

Currently, this building is built to how it would have been when it was in operation, and is not available for purchase or rent. It is located on the Eastern Tip of the island.

Building No. 10

Standard American Railroad Coaling Tower

Description to be updated at a later date.