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Ray's Stroopwafels

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Ray's Stroopwafels
Founder Red_Ray
CEO Red_Ray
Number of Restaurants 13
Headquarters Central City
Other Information
Parent company Xenive Franchising (part of Xenive Holdings)
Founded 15th February 2019

Ray's Stroopwafels is a restaurant selling Stroopwafels and Coffee. All restaurants are created custom but with the same notable style. It is currently building it's distribution center and headquarters at Cytus Street in Central City to be able to spread stroopwafels across restaurants in the entire server.


  • To Go Restaurant $5.00
  • Normal Restaurant $15.00
  • XL Restaurant $30.00


  • Stroopwafel: $2.00
  • Mini Stroopwafels: $1.50
  • Coffee: $1.00

List of Restaurants

Location Nearest MRT Number Notes
New Amsterdam  P45  New Amsterdam 1 This was the first Ray's stroopwafels to be ever built.
New Kenton  NE2  Foobar 2
Seoland  ZN26  Foobar 3
New Acreadium  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station 4
Southburg  V39  I36  Foobar 5
Merchant City  XE8  Merchant City 6
Hendon  NE4  Foobar 7
Kyoto  NW12  Kyoto - Downtown 8
Blagovka  H27  Foobar 9
Torres River  SE23  Alta Mesa 10 This is the first restaurant to have two floors.
Fortaleza N/A 11
Wazamawazi  T30  Wazamawazi King Alexander 12 First restaurant to use blast furnaces
Geneva Bay  NE6  Foobar 13