Red-Xenive Union

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Red-Xenive Union
Flag of Red-Xenive Union.png
Founders Red_Ray & Vennefly
Founded 3rd March 2019
Headquarters New Amsterdam (WIP)
Hensall (WIP)
Number of members 2
Phone country code +41 (pending)

The Red-Xenive Union is an MPO founded by the cities of New Amsterdam and Hensall. It was created to work together on improving the infrastructure towards the area of the two cities and to future member cities. A headquarters is planned to be built in New Amsterdam, as well as in the Xenive Holdings HQ in Hensall.


City Mayor
New Amsterdam Red_Ray
Hensall Vennefly


The Red-Xenive Union has requested an extension of the Plains Line through Hensall and New Amsterdam. This extension has been approved and construction is expected to be completed soon. We are also currently working on a warptrain line, owned by XenRail. This line is planned to run from Tranquil Forest through Hensall, New Amsterdam and Richville International Airport to Richville, although this is pending approval from the mayors of towns outside of the union. XenMetro functions as a metro system for the union, providing connections to several places within Hensall and New Amsterdam.


The Red-Xenive union will have some bylaws, governing the way the union is run, as well as some guidelines for infrastructure projects. These are currently being written and will be available in the near future.