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Franchise Type Bar & Grill
Parent Company Icicle Holdings (formerly Gecko Services)
Current President CyAmethyst (used to be sheimoria)

All information is accurate as of July 31, 2017


RedEat is a bar & grill franchise owned by Icicle Holdings, the main company of CyAmethyst. The franchise was founded on July 1, 2017 by sheimoria as part of his citizenship campaign. Currently the franchise operates 5 outlets in the New World.


sheimoria envisioned a bar & grill franchise as he fancied the idea of quality fish and barbecue convenience. The restaurant opened its first outlet in Dulwich on the second day of sheimoria's membership. The first few outlets were mainly made out of the rural materials of red sandstone and red clay from the New World mesa region but the next few transitioned to the urban materials of quartz and red concrete gathered from the outskirts of Central City after the server's update to 1.12. RedEat did not have any prototypes to be world-edited into towns and malls and instead all outlets were custom-made according to the surroundings. As the president of RedEat, sheimoria hired unemployed testificates from the area of NW19 station which he claimed for the development of his city of Serpentine. He did this to foster good relations with the townsfolk to bolster his public reputation as the future mayor of Serpentine. All meat was acquired through sheimoria's relentless hunting in the taiga forest around NW19 as a way to ensure that the best meat is acquired. All fish were acquired from dead polar bears in the taiga forest and guardians in the nearby ocean who were killed by the enthusiastic testificate employees who also grew the fruit supplied to the RedEat outlets. Large amounts of cake, cookies and bread were stolen from Dave's Doughnuts factories in Riverend by sheimoria as he was too lazy to bake them himself. To ensure that production of the pastries were sustained, sheimoria abducted Dave's Doughnuts employees from the Riverend factories to work for him. He also bribed the Riverend residents to never speak of his crimes to Riverend mayor cal76. He does however plan to use some land near NW19 to set up RedEat bakeries and farms to sustain the outlets that are consistently multiplying throughout the server. sheimoria speculated the addition of clownfish to the menu but figured that clownfish was too beautiful and magnificent a creature to be eaten. He also considered adding chorus fruits but he realised that while delicious, chorus fruits were very addictive drugs that teleport players to random locations. Chorus fruit belonged to the list of illegal drug with spider eyes, rotten flesh and pufferfish and therefore sheimoria was not permitted to sell the highly addictive and delicious chorus fruit. Even if he were to add chorus fruit in the menu, shipping it between the End and the Overworld required much resources in the form of expensive End Portals and Eye of Enders. He would also risk his life to the unfriendly Endermen who do not seem to like him very much due to his history of killing their Ender Dragon overlords and would not hesitate at the opportunity to take revenge. RedEat trucks will be made by Gecko to better facilitate shipping, however if trucks fail to be manufactured due to lack of resources, the abducted Dave's Doughnuts employees will be forced to use their trucks from Riverend. If needed, RedEat ships and planes would be used for far-away destinations such as those in the Old World. More employees will be employed or abducted in the future to work in RedEat Go and RedEat marketing. RedEat Go drivers are only allowed to ride on horses at the moment, as the Gecko motorcycle models are still in development.


Menus in all outlets are currently outdated as the menu has recently been revised. Combos and sets will be added in the near future.

  • MEAT
    • Cooked Rabbit: $5
    • Cooked Chicken: $6
    • Cooked Mutton: $6
    • Cooked Porkchop: $8
    • Steak: $8
  • FISH
    • Cooked Fish: $5
    • Cooked Salmon: $6
  • SOUP
    • Beetroot Soup*: $6
    • Mushroom Stew*: $6
    • Rabbit Stew: $10
  • FRUIT*
    • Melon: $2
    • Carrot: $3
    • Apple: $4
    • Pumpkin Pie: $8
    • Cake Slice: $2
    • Cookie: $2
    • Bread: $5
    • Baked Potato*: $5
    • Whole Cake: $14
    • Water: Free with every purchase
    • Milk: Free as long as cows are abundant around NW19

Asterisks indicate that the selections are only available at RedEat Green outlets.

RedEat is planning to open RedEat Gold outlets where Golden Apples and Golden Carrot will be sold in place of the regular Apples and Carrots. These golden fruits are supplied by the friendly enchanters of NW19. The golden fruit has not been tested yet for the absence of side effects such as hallucination, nausea and diarrhoea. However they are extremely delicious, so act wisely!


Not all outlets have been implemented yet. Bigger cities can have more than one outlet and more than one type of outlet. The brewing stands and end rods located on all outlets may be susceptible to spontaneous combustion or lethal chemical leakages, be warned!

  • Main: Menus are standard for all types. Outlets can be located both indoors or outdoors.
    • RedEat Sub: Only for takeout. Located at Councillor (or higher) ranked towns.
    • RedEat Mini: One-floor seating area. Located at Mayor (or higher) ranked towns.
    • RedEat Super: Two-floor seating area (second-floor balcony if outdoors) with a restroom. Located at Senator (or higher) ranked cities.
    • RedEat Max: Three-floor seating area (third-floor balcony if outdoors) with 2-gender restrooms, a playground, a separate room for private events and a drive-through if the outlet is located outdoors. Located at Governor (or higher) ranked cities.
  • Variant:
    • RedEat Acro: At gas stations or along A-class highways. Coupled with a drive-through and restrooms.
    • RedEat Go: Delivery service from the temporary headquarters at NW19 by testificate horse riders. Delivery time is approximately 30 min.
  • Select:
    • RedEat Green: Offers fruit in addition to the cooked meat and fish.
    • RedEat Gold: Sells golden apples and carrots in place of regular apples and carrots. For Premier cities only.


In order of launch: Dulwich, Savacaci, Waverly Arena and Quiris West. One in Bakersville is under construction.


Contact CyAmethyst via mail in-chat, email or wiki messages if you would like an outlet to be customly built in your town. Price of construction is up to you! Construction times vary from about 10 min for the smaller ones to about 1h for the bigger ones.


If you would like to work as a RedEat employee, come for an interview at the temporary headquarters near NW19. Pay is based on your position, ranging from $20 a day for janitors, farmers, hunters, factory workers and truck drivers, $50 a day for counters, waiters, cooks, delivery motorcyclists and security guards and $100 a day for outlet managers and marketers. The following provides franchises opportunities for your growing towns.