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RedStone Shack Enterprises

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RedStone Shack Enterprises is a company owned by Jmckeen, and is the company that owns RedStone Shack along with other things on the server. RedStone Shack has a limited partnership (LP) with PB&J Enterprises on some properties and franchises.



  • RedStone Shack (20 Locations)
  • PB&J Supermarkets (5 Locations) (Part of PB&J Supermarkets LP)
  • JBuffet (2 Locations)


RedStone Shack Enterprises office locations

  • PB&J Skyscraper (Spawn) (Primary Headquarters)
  • Farragrout Greens
  • Zicronia
  • Northeast Waterport
  • Crystal City (?)

You can ask Jmckeen (or puffball5672 for PB&J items) to get a franchise placed or a space in a property.