Regional Protection Coalition

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Regional Protection Coalition (RPC)
President CodyHM
Vice President SirNatureWriter
Attorney-General SkyjumperTalon
Committee Heads
Transit SirNatureWriter
Populations Conric005, SirNatureWriter
Buildings Willowars
Publicity CodyHM
Basic Information
Founder CodyHM
Founded 20th June, 2018
Headquarters The City of Seoland
Political position Liberal Senn Fein
Cities Represented 13
Members 22

The Regional Protection Coalition is a Political Coalition turned MPO of radical left, center and apolitical members in MRT. It consists mostly of Liberal Senn Fein, a political party and other organizations. It should be noted that while most of the RPC's members are affiliated with People's Republic of Montego. With this in mind, the RPC does not fully support all actions taken by the PRM and refer all questions on opinions to the RPC's current leadership. The RPC is to be considered a separate entity to the PRM and is of equal power and significance to all members cities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Regional Protection Coalition is to provide a safe space and community for members to express their ideas and get help with various projects on the MRT.

Requirments to Join

    • All prospective members must be at least a Citizen on the MRT Server
    • All members must have/own a city(state) to represent
    • Said city must have a minimum of 2 builds

RPC Members and Associated Consulates

City/State Representative RPC Member # RPC Embassy # Embassy Locations
The City of Seoland CodyHM 360 250 Deadbush
Frostbite SirNatureWriter 620 940 The City of Seoland
Eagleshore SkyjumperTalon 101 809 N/A
Savage City Weier 787 291
Willow Willowars 655 411 N/A
Birchwood Conric005 227 235 N/A
Kevtropolis KevAKATheGr8 230 247 Birchwood
Euphorial TheGreenKangaroo 265 N/A N/A
Raymont _O_OM3GA_O_ 535 437

RPC Regulations and Constitution

Proclamation 1: Standard Rules

All Members of the RPC must abide by the rules of the MRT.

Proclamation 2: Warnings and Discipline

Failure to follow all rules issued by the United Cities, RPC, and MRT Server will result in an issue of warning by the current Leadership. Multiple re-occurrences will result in expulsion from the RPC and message to MRT Staff.

Proclamation 4: Amendments

All Proclamations and Regulations are set in stone unless an amendment is proposed. After two members other than the member proposing the amendment endorse the bill, the bill will go on to be voted by the general assembly. The bill is passed when voted by 4/5 majority of the general assembly. If the amendment is passed it goes into effect immediately unless an injunction is put into effect immediately after voting closes by the President of Vice-President or drastically effects the goals of the RPC stated in the Mission Statement.

Proclamation 5: Checks and Balances

In order to maintain a balance of power, no member in a leadership role can vote in a leadership election. any injunctions made by the President and Vice-president are subject to repeal by the attorney general

Proclamation 6:Voting Rights

All members who are Representatives and Councilors may choose to vote. Limited Proclamations may be voted on by Advisors. ==Proclamation 7: Candidate Rights and Requirements In order to run for a leadership position, one must be an active representative for a minimum of 1 month. Candidates can pull out at any time during the election process. If a person in a leadership decides to resign mid-office, the president, vice-president, and attorney general must vote on who will be the interim authority until the next election cycle. Committee heads will be elected every August and February.

Regulation 1

All road of C-Grade or higher must have a minimum width of 3 blocks.

RPC Media


Regional Protection Coalition Media (RPCMedia) is the official broadcasting network of the RPC. Currently, the RPCM Radio is being hosted on Soundcloud [1].


Our streams are hosted on Youtube[2]. Our alternate stream for all RPCM events will be on Twitch [3].

Text Updates

Follow our Twitter for updates on all news and links to our streams[4].

Affiliate Stations

RPCMedia is located in The City of Seoland at RPC Plaza. We also broadcast alternative programming through our affiliate stations listed below.

RPCMedia Affiliates
Station Channel Service Area
WTV Westplein Television Westplein MPO
CBN Courtbush News Metro Westplein

Upcoming Events