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Vergil/Regional Transportation Authority

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Welcome to Vergil
Town PageGovernment of Vergil • Gomead Holdings • Real Estate • Regional Transportation Authority
Welcome to Vergil. This network of Wiki pages, including pages for our Government, Gomead Holdings, local real estate, and the Regional Transportation Authority will help you learn and find your way around the Vergil region, including the Vergil city center and Montauk Island. To navigate Vergil's several wiki pages, use the links above.
Regional Transportation Authority
The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) provides local and express bus, subway, and regional rail service, as well as manages all roads, bridges, and tunnels in the Vergil metropolitan area.
Locale Vergil
Transportation Type Commuter rail, local and express bus, subway, roads, bridges, tunnels
  • RTA Element Air Line
  • RTA Montauk Island Railway
  • RTA Bus
  • RTA Roads and Turnpikes
  • RTA Vergil Subway
  • RTA Vergil Light Rail
Chief Executive JohnNotTech
Headquarters Vergil City Hall
Operating Company Arrivé

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Vergil's Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is a public benefit corporation responsible for public transportation in the city of Vergil and it's surrounding areas. Modelled after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York and Transport for London in London, the RTA is a wholly owned unit of the Government of Vergil, despite contracting out the vast majority of design and planning to Arrivé.

RTA Element Air Line

Alert.png Temporarily closed
Due to glitches with the warp plugin (the warps keep deleting themselves), services on the RTA Element Air Line have been suspended until we can get the warps to work again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Among the first cable cars on the MRT, the RTA Element Air Line is the fastest way to travel from Vergil's mainland to Montauk Island and back. The cable car consists of several stationary cable cars, linked with warp signs. A fare of $0.50 per direction, $0.25 for each warp involved, is collected in the form of warp taxes by the MRT government. Despite being the quickest way across the Montauk Island Sound, it is encouraged for passengers to take a moment while riding the cable car to enjoy the scenery through the cable car's large, floor to ceiling windows.



Service Status

Direction Status Information
Eastbound for Montauk Island Status: Service Closed.png Closed Service suspended due to a warp glitch. For alternate routes, see the above notice.
Transfer at Montauk Island-Cross Avenue for the RTA Montauk Island Railway.
Westbound for Vergil mainland Status: Service Closed.png Closed Service suspended due to a warp glitch. For alternate routes, see the above notice.
Transfer at Vergil Central for RTA Bus, RTA Vergil Subway, and RTA Vergil Light Rail, as well as several future non-RTA lines including KTA Commuter Rail.


An exterior shot of the line looking east
Onboard the newly redecorated cars
Exterior of a car
Turnstiles at Vergil Central station

RTA Montauk Island Railway

Maps, routes, and service information coming soon

RTA Regional Bus

Maps, routes, and service information coming soon

RTA Roads and Turnpikes

The Regional Road and Turnpike Authority, dba RTA Roads and Turnpikes, is the government agency responsible for all roads, including toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in the Vergil metropolitan area.

Maps, routes, and service information regarding toll roads coming soon

RTA Vergil City Light Rail

The Vergil City Light Rail is the Regional Transportation Authority's simplest system. Tracks run in between streets, primarily in dedicated track areas, although in some cases travelling directly onto roads, primarily for turns. In cases when Light Rail vehicles travel onto roads, these vehicles use priority signalling over cars.

The RTA Vergil City Light Rail has three lines: Eastern, Western, and Southern. This is for each branch that roads spring from surrounding the Vergil Central MRT station. Each station is very simple; carts are expected to be placed manually and removed upon disembarkation, and there are no empty cart detectors. Each station consists simply of a 2 block drop, a sign indicating the station name and line, and a button for electronically accelerated departure.

Maps, routes, and service information coming soon

RTA Vergil City Subway

The Vergil City Subway is a fully automated and primarily underground heavy rail system powered by Arrivé technology. Each line is assigned a letter and a color, indicating the route through which the train will travel.

Each Vergil City Subway line has both Local and Express trains, in most cases departing from the same platform. You can board both express and local trains from any Vergil City Subway station; however, while local trains stop at each station on a line, express trains only stop at a few stations per line to expedite travel to higher traffic areas. When departing a Vergil City Subway station, you may choose whether to ride a local or express train prior to boarding. Simply use either the "call local train" or "call express train" buttons to request the right train. In response, the system will route you onto the correct track for local or express trains. If you place your own cart, the system will, by default, route you onto the local tracks.

While there may be variances in station design and layout, all RTA Vergil City Subway stations use the same technology, developed by emerging transportation company Arrivé. This station design, referred to by Arrivé as the AR Delta, includes automatic platform gates, an integrated arrival/departure system using "flickering rails," and most notably, the ability to route carts onto both express and local tracks along the same line, depending on which "call cart" button is used.

Maps, routes, and service information coming soon