Republic of Formosa

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Republic of Formosa
Capital Formosa
Official Languages English, French, Italian
Demonym Formosan
Government Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
Founding Formosa - January 2015
::::Republic and State
Fort Yaxier - November 7th, 2015
Hokusei - November 29th, 2016
Unnamed Islands - December 30th, 2016
Total Area ~2+ km2
States Formosa, Fort Yaxier, Hokusei, Unnamed Islands
Territories Naval Islands, Southern Isle of Friel
President Camelfantasy
Prime Adminstrator sesese9
First Speaker TBD
Supreme Justice Aliksong
Population 5+
Currency Formosa Dollars
Date Format MM/DD/YYYY
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +5 (228) ###-####
Postcodes FM5 (Formosa)
FY5 (Fort Yaxier)
Area Codes ROF (Republic of Formosa)
FOR (State of Formosa)
FOY (State of Fort Yaxier)
HKS (State of Hokusei)
??? (State of ?)

The Republic of Formosa, more commonly referred to as Formosa, is an unitary republic comprised of 2 states and several territories, all owned by Camelfantasy. Founded in early 2015, it is one of the faster growing nations and is rising as one of the superpowers among other nations. The first and current constitution was adopted within the first few months of Formosa's founding, and allocates all power to the President, who is advised by the Vice President, Prime Administrator, and Chief Justice, as well as a host of other government officials. The majority of Formosa's land is located in the city of Formosa, located approximately 1 kilometer west of the outskirts of Central City, and is surrounded by the cities of Sealane and Wallowyn to the east, Danielston to the south, and Golden City and 42 to the north. Fort Yaxier is a city resulting from the establishment of a fort approximately 9.6 kilometers south of Central City, and is neighbored by Elecna Bay to the Northwest. Hokusei, the third city in the Republic, is located approximately 10.7 kilometers west of Central City, and is situated in a mountainous area. The fourth city, ?, is co-owned, and is a small island chain located approximately ??.?? kilometers south of Central City. The culture of Formosa is very diverse, with cultural areas such as Little Europe and Asiatown representing their respective cultures alongside those of Formosa. Among other nations, Formosa is rising to be one of the top powers politically, scientifically, economically, and militarily. Home to the well-known Formosa Armed Forces, Formosa leads the rest of the nations in all aspects of military research and innovations.


The name Formosa is of Dutch origin, and is translated into "beautiful". The name came about when Dutch explorers discovered the area, and proclaimed it Formosa, and the name has remained ever since. The term of Republic in the official name was added when Formosa eventually wrote a constitution and formed a central government. The government would be under the form of an unitary presidential constitutional republic, of which the name was shortened to simply republic for usage in Formosa's official title.

Other terms for the Republic of Formosa are Formosa and RoF.


Intranational History

The earliest known history of Formosa dates back to the 1500s, when a group of Dutch settlers sailed up the Taroko River and sighted a clearing. Upon entering the area they proclaimed it Formosa - beautiful land, due to the geography, and noted it for further exploration. Over the next few centuries, the area was settled into small towns and farmland, and used as a trading post. Near the end of the 1800s, Formosa was colonized by neighboring states from the Far East. Under their rule, infrastructure including transportation, education, and governing improved greatly. In 1945, however, invaders from the West overthrew the government and established a brutal marshal law period lasting nearly 4 decades, commonly known as the White Terror. The first day alone saw the killing of approximately 10,000 protestors and dissidents against the new government, when mass protests were held and the new military was sent to kill all the protestors. The following decades saw the killing of an additional 3,000 dissidents, and finally ended with the peaceful surprise election of a new president, who compromised between the authoritarian ruling party and the democratic citizens. In the election during the early 2000s, the invaders were voted out of both the presidency and national legislature in favor of pro-democracy parties and politicians, and thus lost power in the government for the first time in over half a century, and the citizens finally gained power in their own government after over a century of outsider rule. Several elections later, the former ruling party was fully ousted from all positions of power and expelled from Formosa, and Formosa became the fully democratic state that exists to this day.

International History

Geography, Climate, Environment, and Wildlife

The Republic of Formosa is comprised of two main land masses, each situated in different locations of the world.


The state of Formosa is situated approximately 1 kilometer west of Central City, the capital of the world. In a broader sense, Formosa is situated in a large valley, with mountain ranges to the east, south, and west. To the northwest is a large forest, while the northeast is home to the great plains. 3 major lakes are present in Formosa, Lake Taroko in the west, Sun Moon Lake in the east, and University Lake in the south. The Taroko river originates from Segville and runs west to Formosa, where it forms a natural border between the depression Formosa is situated in and the western mountain ranges, and eventually ends near Xilia after passing through Kenthurst Southeast Lake. The climate is pleasant year round with ample rain and snow, and little weather extremities.

Fort Yaxier

The state of Fort Yaxier is located predominantly in a savannah area on the large Tribiome Island, which also consists of a large forest and a tundra. The west coast of Fort Yaxier is the Southern Central Lake, part of the Great Southern Lakes in the region. The climate is arid and dry year round, with little to no rain seen.

Naval Islands

The territory of Naval Islands is situated upon 3 islands in the West Lake. The territory is purely for military use, home base for the Formosa Armed Forces Navy (both Sea and Air Forces) and secondary command for the Hydro and Aether Home Guard, and is strictly off-limits to civilian and armed personnel of nations without mutual defense treaties, due to the stringent security and sensitive nature of the area. The islands present are currently unnamed and are identified only through their purposes, Command HQ, Pyramid Dock, and Main Dockyards Entrance. The natural climate of the area is windy with regular rainstorms. However, scientists from Navy Industries have developed technology to block most wind and rain from the area. This has caused the climate to become mostly pleasant, with a near-constant light breeze and few instances of rain.


(# in RoF)
Executive Legislative Judicial
Presidential Office
Prime Administrator

National Legislature
First Speaker
National Court
Supreme Justice
National Justices
Executive Function
State Senate
Speaker of State Senate
State Court
Chief Justice
State Justices
Administrative Panel
Sector Administrator
Sectorial Council
Council Head
Sectorial Court
Head Justice
Sectorial Justices

The constitution of Formosa establishes a republican form of government, with all states united under a powerful central government.

On the national level, the President has absolute authority over the government. The Prime Administrator is the second-in-command and heads the National Administration, of which the Head Administrators form an appointed executive cabinet. They and other advisers form the Presidential Office, the executive branch of the government. The Legislature serves as the legislative branch and is elected by Formosan citizens. They are responsible for writing, voting on, and passing laws to be reviewed by the President. The Supreme Court, headed by the Chief Justice, serves all judiciary functions and as the highest authority of the nation's judicial system. The central government is based in the Diamond Sector of the State of Formosa, in the Presidential Offices, Legislative Hall, and National Court, respectively. Additional national government officials are headquartered in the National Offices.

The President has an additional role, as Supreme Commander of the Formosa Armed Forces. The title is the highest in the military and as such he as ultimate authority over the command of the armed forces. Subordinate officers commanding a different portion of the Army or Navy at different levels all serve as advisers to him, especially in times of war.

On the state level, the governments assumes all powers not specifically delegated to the national government, and the sectorial governments govern by powers delegated to them through the national or state government.

The Administration is akin to the bureaucracy of other governments, and forms the majority of the government. Although commonly associated with the Executive, the Legislature also plays a major role in setting regulations and objectives. The National Administrations are led by Head Administrators with the subordinate Administrators heading Administrations and Deputy Administrators leading Sub-Administrations. State and Local Administrations consist of only the below Head Administrators and their Head Administrations as the official Executive Function or Administrative Panel.

Governing Structure
National State Sectorial
Republic of Formosa State of Aeolia Aeolia
State of Formosa Airport
Diamond Sector
Ruby Sector
State of Fort Yaxier Airport
Government and Transit Areas
Military Areas
Residential Area
State of Kantō Business Ward
Entertainment Ward
Government Ward
Poppy Hill
State of Freedon Airport District
Bilbec District
Birch Forest District
Central District
Edo District
Hills District
Northern District
Phos City District
Savannah District
Wetlands District
State of Chalxior Goverland
Nex Cheti
South Bay
Territories Golden City
Naval Islands
Southern Isle of Friel
National Administration
Head Administrations Administrations Sub-Administrations
Military Armed Forces Military heirarchy substituted
Support Forces Military heirarchy substituted
Foreign Affairs Regional Affairs Northeastern Quadrant Affairs
Southeastern Quadrant Affairs
Southwestern Quadrant Affairs
Northwestern Quadrant Affairs
International Organizations Affairs Mission to the United Cities
Political, Economic, and Social Organizations Affairs
Internal Affairs Education Primary Education
Secondary Education
Specialized Education
Transportation Mass Rapid Transit
Intercity Public Transit
Energy Renewable Energy
Nuclear Energy
Environmental Affairs TBD
Citizen Welfare Law Enforcement
Emergency Services
Finance Treasury Minting, Engraving, and Printing
Internal Revenue
Commerce TBD

Note: Head Administrators listed in order of presidential succession (after the Prime Administrator)


International Affairs


The economy of Formosa is a diverse one. The forests to the north of the State of Formosa provide an abundant supply of wood for logging, while the mountainous areas to the east, south, and west are rich in minerals, and thus excellent places for mining, with a major mine being the Little Italy Mine. The wildlife in the rivers and lakes present are plentiful, and several fishing companies take the opportunities for fishing and hunting in the waters.

Fort Yaxier is located in a coastal savanna, and as such does not have as many natural resources as Formosa does. However, the Southern Central Lake is an ideal location for the fishing and hunting of ocean waterfowl. The state's coast-side location also gives it the advantage of beaches, which, with beachside hotels all along the strip of sand, contribute to the high rate of tourism in the area.

The Republic of Formosa may be more commonly known as the manufacturer of high quality ships and planes, mostly military. This industrial capacity is due in part to ideal construction areas located around the nation. Navy Industries, the manufacturer of the vehicles, is based off of the Naval Islands in the West Lake, owned by Formosa Armed Forces. The islands contain 4 long docks that are most suitable for some of the larger ships constructed. Fort Yaxier also has the capacity to house ships under construction with several planned dockyards in the southeastern area of the Southern Central Lake.



Transportation within the states of the Republic of Formosa are largely via private cars, with an average of 2 cars per household. Several kilometers of roads, including interstate highways, state routes, and local roads, are spread throughout the states as to provide easier transportation between destinations. The roads are arranged such that the structures within the states are in a roughly grid pattern. Rail transportation, although less common, is also prominent throughout Formosa. Formosa's Transit Authority operates several metro lines in the State of Formosa mainly for commuting. Interstate rail lines exist as well, with planned service from PC&L Railroad, RaiLinQ, and CitiRail. Air travel occurs through the Union of Central Western Territories International Airport, situated to the southeast of the state of Formosa. Although the State of Formosa is not situated near large bodies of water, it does have two harbors and a canal that connects Formosa to the West Lake. Fort Yaxier is located next to the Southern Central Lake, and as such has easy access to the water.


Formosa derives its energy from a wide spectrum of sources, and recent changes for a healthier environment and a greener state led to a shift from traditional power sources to more environmentally friendly ones. Solar panels, nuclear reactors, and hydroelectricity are currently the main suppliers of energy, and in the future other forms of energy providers may appear as well.

Interior Operations


The literacy rate among Formosan citizens is very high at 98%, with public school systems located across the nation and a national college with multiple campuses. The first stage of education consists of 13 years, and higher education afterwards can range from 4 to over 10 years. The educational system, starting from kindergarten and ending with 12th grade, is generally divided by six years of elementary school, three years of middle school, and four years of high school. Public schools are operated and funded by the state government while the national government is responsible for the National Formosa University. Common majors include Architecture, Art, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Fine Arts, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, and Psychology.

Science and Technology

With a highly industrial state and high manufacturing capabilities, the RoF is one of the leaders in technological innovation. Part of this drive is due to the Formosa Armed Forces and Navy Industries constantly researching new technologies to be used in the FAF's equipment. As such, a large part of Formosa's technology is derived from declassified machinery used in the equipment from the FAF and NI, which were modified to suit everyday civilian use.


The average citizen has an expected lifespan of 85 years, and the number increases by approximately %0.001 every year. Widespread sickness is relatively uncommon as new vaccines to combat new viruses and bacteria are developed annually, and there has yet to be any major epidemics. The national government requires all citizens to be enrolled in the national healthcare program, which has decreased somewhat the number of people in debt due to medical bills.


Emergency Services

Emergency services are available to all citizens and documented immigrants or visitors. Services provided include medical care, firefighting, and law enforcement. At least one headquarters for each branch is located in each of the states, and vehicles from each department are able to reach any point in the state within minutes. Formosa's Police Department building contains state of the art technology, including forensic and autopsy equipment. to assist in solving crimes. Secure jail cells are also in the building for temporary detainment of those arrested. Formosa's Fire Department has a full range of vehicles to deal with emergencies, including ladder trucks, engines, tenders, and chief cars. Formosa's Medical Department is also in possession of state of the art medical equipment, and loss of life from medical procedures is extremely low.