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Republic of Kevtropolis

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Republic of Kevtropolis
Flag of Kevtropolis.png
President mi_aquamarine
Vice-president TBD
Capital Kevtropolis
Largest City Osaka
Official Languages English, Chinese, Japanese
Country code +230
Currency Yen ¥
Government type Democracy
Alert.png ANNEXED
Effective the morning of 3/18/19 is has been annexed by the Kaktus Republic.


The Republic of Kevtropolis has English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese as its official languages, however in Kevtropolis, English is dominant and Chinese and Japanese is secondary, and in Osaka, Japanese is dominant and English is secondary. It's also known to hate using most American English terms and spellings.

American English Kevtropolis English
Soccer Football
Football American Football
Vacation Holiday
Freeway Expressway
Subway Metro
United States Cul-de-sac Land
Customary units Backwards Measuring
Traffic light Stoplight (also commonly referred to as Green/Red Light)