Republic of Kevtropolis

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Republic of Kevtropolis
Flag of Kevtropolis.png
Largest CityOsaka
Official LanguagesEnglish
Country code+230
CurrencyYen ¥
Government typeDemocracy

The Republic of Kevtropolis is a state on the New World which governs the cities of Kevtropolis and Osaka. It and the city of Shenghua also have relations, with several observing representatives of the ROK on its city council. Citizens of the ROK have visa free access to the Region of Nansei-Gunto for 90 days, and vice versa. Many programs on KBS and Channel 6, the public television network in Nansei-Gunto, are shared productions. However the ROK, Shenghua, and Nansei-Gunto are legally separate entities.


The nationwide public broadcaster is Kevtropolis Broadcasting Service, which is owned, funded, and operated by the ROK government. In addition to its main station in Kevtropolis, it also has a satellite station NOTA in Osaka. Foreign networks, such as MBS, MBN, and MPB are also widely received in the nation over pay TV and over-the-air.


The Republic of Kevtropolis has English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish as its official languages. In Kevtropolis, English is dominant and Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish are secondary, and in Osaka, Japanese is dominant and English is secondary.

Constituent countries

The ROK is made up of three constituent countries, with police, education, and healthcare powers granted to them.

Flag Name
Flag of Kevtropolis.png City-State of Kevtropolis
City-State of Osaka
City-State of Shengmiao