Republic of Scarborough

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Republic of ScarboroughFlag of Scarborough.png
Capital Scarborough
Official Languages English
Demonym Scarboroughian
Government Dictatorship with elected respresentation
Founding July 10, 2019
Total Area The whole MRT, muhahah
States Scarborough, West Calbar, San Vantino, Moleville
Territories Jeb
President sesese9
Prime Adminstrator TBD
First Speaker TBD
Supreme Justice Echohue
Population 5+
Currency TBD
Date Format MM/DD/YYYY
Drives on the Right
Calling Code NONE
Postcodes TBD

The Republic of Scarborough is the overarching government for all territories/cities under sesese9's control. The city of Scarborough sits as the capital of the republic while all other member cities help with certain other duties for the republic.


Mainly founded to help unify all cities that sesese9 controls. In addition, sese wanted to cement his dictatorship over all his towns with the establishment of higher government. Upon founding, many could hear the great founder say, "I will be next Frumple! Mwhahah".


Cities are established towns with town halls either constructed or in the process of being constructed and directly controlled by sesese9. Jeb, while it has a town hall, is indirectly controlled by sese explained by the territory designation.

Governing Structure
National State Sectorial
Republic of Scarborough State of Scarborough Downtown
New Kent
Nimitz Heights
East Calbar
Luminoise City
Air Base
Fairstone Heights
State of West Calbar Airport
State of Molevile Historical District
State of San Vantino Seaside
Business District
Residential District
Territories Jeb



Infantry are currently housed across the republic but many recruits are housed at Scarborough Air Base and in Nimitz Heights, Scarborough.

Air Force

Air support is through the Maplelyn Air Force centered at  P20  Scarborough - New Kent.