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Promotion Arrows.png This city is a candidate for promotion to the Governor rank! Promotion Arrows.png
Town Officials
Mayor woorich999
Deputy Mayor Cookie46910
MRT Nope
Nearest Airport Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield
Other transit Fred Rail
Facts and Figures
Founded December 2016
Town Rank [Senator]
Official Language(s) English
World New


Richville is a town owned by woorich999 and its deputy mayor is Cookie46910. It is located at 12000, 6500 and currently has transit via Fred Rail to Tranquil Forest. The deputy mayor was changed on April 3rd, 2018 from Soso123 to Cookie46910.


Embassy District

Richville has established an embassy district for all cities/states who want to have diplomatic relations. The following cities/states have embassies:


Intracity Connections


Intracity bus services are provided by Richville Metro with a convenient frequent bus network spanning the city and connecting to Richville's Metro network.


See Richville Metro

Intercity Connections


Richville is served by Fred Rail at Richville Central station. It is only a shuttle to Tranquil Forest.


Richville is served by Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield which is hubbed by Infamous Airlines and Infamous Eagle.

Geographic Location