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Richville Metro

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Richville Metro
Services Bus and Streetcar
Cities Served Richville
Number of Rail Lines 1 (1 Under Construction and 5 Planned)
Number of Bus Lines 0 (2 Under Construction)
Date Founded December 2016
President/CEO woorich999

Richville Metro is a transit agency that is responsible for providing transit services to the city of Richville and the areas surrounding it. It is managed by the city of Richville and is funded by a 0.5% tax in the city of Richville. Currently the agency manages one streetcar line. It has one underground warp-train under construction and has 2 bus lines planned to start service by 2018. The agency is also in charge of the construction and operation of the Richville Union Station which will be home to inter-city train lines and the agency's own planned commuter rail lines to serve neighboring areas in the region.



Richville Metro is the primary bus operator in the City of Richville.

Bus Route Terminals Frequency Notes


Metro Line 1

Richville Metro Line 1
SUBWAY Richville Central
Richville Mall
City Hall
Richville North


  • December 26th 2016 - Start Of Construction On Phase 1
  • December 23rd 2017 - Opening Of Phase 1 (City Hall-Richville Central)
  • June 9th 2018 - Opening Of The Richville North Extension

About: Richville Metro Line 1 was the first metro line to be completed in Richville. It is a driverless system which is similar to Vancouver's SkyTrain system but uses wider trains. The trains are 5 blocks wide instead of the usual 3 blocks and they run on linear tracks so the trains can speed up faster and go up steeper inclines than normal trains. The best part of the system is that it uses CBTC Automated Signalling allowing trains to run at 60 second intervals but right now the frequency at most is 2 mins.


Time Of Day Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Holidays
12AM-4AM CLOSED CLOSED Every 12 Mins Every 12 Mins Every 5-12 Mins (5 Mins Only On New Years)
5AM-9AM Every 2 Mins Every 2 Mins Every 5 Mins Every 5 Mins Every 12 Mins
10AM-3PM Every 5 Mins Every 5 Mins Every 10 Mins Every 10 Mins Every 12 Mins
4PM-7PM Every 2 Mins Every 2 Mins Every 5 Mins Every 5 Mins Every 12 Mins
8PM-11PM Every 10 Mins Every 5 Mins Every 5 Mins Every 10 Mins Every 12 Mins

Metro Line 2

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png LS Lakeside none
Dynmap Green Flag.png RC Richville Central RM Line 1 and Fred Rail

Downtown Streetcar

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png RVW Richville East (planned) none
Dynmap Cross.png ### Richville Suburbs (Future Rename) (closed) none
Dynmap Construction.png URS University South (under construction) none
Dynmap Green Flag.png URT University Transit Center Richville Metro Buses
Dynmap Green Flag.png RVM Richville Mall Richville Metro Line 1