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Town recognition
Date foundedNovember 22, 2012
WorldOld World
MRT O8  Riverend
Local transitRiverend trams by ATTST and ATTS int. metro A

Riverend is a large city created by and maintained by cal76. Located in the north east, and connected to the mainland through a road bridge to B2 on the MRT Blue Line the town has been slowly expanding over time.


City Hall

Riverend is run by a Mayor. The first and current Mayor of Riverend is cal76. The Mayor makes all the important decisions, and does most of the construction. Helping the Mayor is the group of four Councillors. They are second in command, who meet and discuss with the Mayor in the towns city hall. Currently, the only Councillor is thomasfyfe. Below the Councillors are the Ministers, who debate endlessly in Riverends Parliment building, even though they hold no power whatsoever. Elections have been banned since the Velociraptor crisis.

City Districts

District Map



The CBD houses the main transit hubs (the Orange Station and the Riverend train station) as well as the Grand Park and the towns tallest buildings.

Goverment District

Mayors Mansion

The Goverment district has the City hall and the mayors mansion, alongside the courthouse and Parliment building. One more building is used to house individual offices for ministers. A row of houses is planned for each of the four Councillors.

Old Town

Old Town

The first area of the town constructed, the old town still retains its old gravel roads. This part of town has seen a lack of development in recent months and will likely stay in its state of stagnation. The old town hall (now a museum) is located here.

Main St

Close to the city bypass main street has pleanty of shops and some buisnesses and residential zones. Next to it, is the Galactic Studios, used to shoot popular movies.

Market District

Cal Tower

Here is the headquarters for Cal Tower. Alongside it, is a few small shops and a marketplace.

Industrial District

Industrial District

Contains factories for blue collar workers, including a brewery and the main factory for Dave's Doughnuts. Nearby are a few streets of small, cottage like housing, so the workers can quickly get home after a day of work.


Riverend Tram System
Riverend Tram.png
Number of stations30
Players involved
Main builderautobus22, cal76
Station designerATTS
StationATTST Tramstation Basic and Builin

Riverend is serviced with top quality roads as well as the MRT Orange Line. A planned metro system was cancelled due to problems with the system. However, the brand new train station may be used to service lines to other towns. One major part of transport is the city bypass. With some areas having over three lanes and future expansion planning on having four or more, it truely keeps the traffic flowing.

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On the 15th of January 2014, cal76 made a deal with autobus to incorporate a brand new tram network to help service Riverend. The result was four lines, which service most of the city, as well as the nearby town of Farrgut. The system was build in quick time and opened on January 17th 2014.

On the 17th of Marth 2014 cal76 gave autobus permission for his ATTS international Metro A ending in riverend. This service will serve the south of riverend and goes to the NorthEast waterport, palmville, autotown and Nopado city. In riverend are 3 stations situated. Riverend (at o5), The old barnsley station is recovered and gone into service again as "riverend Barnsley" and at the south the new stop riverend south has been released. For more info about the line, Visit the ATTS page. Also tram stop: nightclub on cyan line has been renamed to station South.