Robin's Hill

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Robin's Hill
Robins Hill.jpg
Deputy Mayorthomasfyfe
City recognition
Date foundedNovember 21, 2012
Town hall coordinates595, 65, -1045
WorldOld World
MRT G10  Robin's Hill
Road connectionsI-200
Local transitRobin's Hill Metro
MottoBringing it to Robin's Hill ;)

Robin's Hill is a large town on the Old World, located at G10. The current and founding mayor is Just_robinho. The city was created on the day Just_robinho was accepted to the server, Just_Robinho was rejected using G18 as it was already taken and nearly rejected G10 as one road, (Tulsa Hill bridge) was close to G10 and nearly belonged to Tulsa, but was given the go ahead by Frumple to build. It only took a week to established as a town and Just_robinho gained Mayor status. Since its birth, Robin's Hill has quadrupled in size, has an extensive Metro system with 4 lines, and Different Districts. The Robin's Hill expansion project finished on May 30, 2013, with the completion of the Financial District.

Robin's Hill is one of the easiest towns to get to on the server,  G10  Robin's Hill on the MRT Green Line which is 4 stops away from spawn, The bus station from Bay  1  Goes Directly from spawn or, if you enjoy nature, you can walk to Robin's Hill as it is a Major stop on the Northern trail.


Robin's Hill is Notorious for Losing its deputy Mayors (This is normally due to a ban or leaving the server) however that has all change now so everything is all good. :)

Mayor: Just_robinho
Deputy Mayor: thomasfyfe
Former Deputy Mayors: Ipadgamer800, Samyankeesfan20, BaronThamesBank, TechnologyPro.


Since its birth, Robin's Hill has expanded 4 times its original. Each district has special features which cater to different things and the Lives of Robin's Hill. The economic growth is very well and the whole town believes in a greener World so every district gives back to the world with energy from natural resources. Below is each district and there Features.

Observation Tower

The first official Building of Robin's Hill to be Built. This building is special as it was Just_robinho's first thing he built on Minecraft. And Has stood there since with nothing modified to it.

City Centre

The heart and the Origins of Robin's Hill. This houses The Metro hub of robin's Hill (City Centre, Robin's Hill Metro), G10 station, City Hall and Other towers and skyscrapers including two of the famous Nexus towers, Nexus 3 and Nexus 5. It also has a lovely square!

National Park

This is Robin's Hill biggest district and is the most visited area in the city. it houses Robin's Hill and the MRT's best attractions. It has a swimming pool, studio, Sparkler Square and Park Central which is fantastic to look at. It also Has the National Shopping Centre, The MRT's Second Biggest Mall with Three floors of wonder and a Metro station! The National Park is also Famous to the MRT Wrestling Arena where PvP hand to hand combats happen. Also, on occasion, the national park also do firework shows!

G10 East

Home to the Wonderful Tulsa-Hill Bridge Constructed to Link G9 and G10 together. This was redone to involve the Gold line project underneath the bridge. You can also discover the richness of the cave inside the Hill

Cityside Beach

Ever imagined a beach next to a city. Well now you can with the Cityside Beach! It brings the city lovers and the Beach lovers together! and since we are town with amazing weather, there is no reason not to go! With Big lake next door we can all enjoy clean safe waters, Also a Metro Line serves the beach too so its easy access!

Residential District

Home to the People of Robin's Hill. If people want luxury flats and houses they will come here, Nexus 5 also serves this area and with easy transport access to Spawn via the Bus Station and other Metro services to other destinations in the city, The residential is the easiest place to get to in the City. Drivers can also Park their cars here with our fantastic Park & ride.

Financial District

Robin's Hill's newest area. With Unique offices, fantastic restaurants and Amazing work space and value. It is one of the best areas on the MRT to work in! You can get there easily via the residential district or the financial district is exclusively served by the Robin's Hill metro newest line, Line 4.


Robin's Hill Metro
Robin's Hill Metro Map June 2014.png
Route RHM  Circular around outskirts
 RHM  National Park to National Interchange
 RHM  Residential West to Shopping Centre
 RHM  Financial District to G10 East
 RHM  Waterport to Spawn City Transit Centre
via High Speed One (High Speed Spawn)
 RHM  Waterport to either Shopping Centre
or Cytus Central via City Centre
Number of stations39
Players involved
Main builderJust_robinho
Station designerCyan Systems, Just_robinho
StationCyan Systems IRRv3
TrackCyan Systems IRR Custom Track

Being a transit enthusiast, Just_robinho made transport number 1 on his list. Since he said that Robin's Hill metro has been one of the famous metro's on the MRT network. It will be featured on the dynmap. Other than Metro it is also served by bus  1  to spawn and is a major stop on the Northern Trail.

Robin's Hill Metro has 6 lines on its network covering all parts of the city giving the player access to every part of Robin's hill! Using Cyan Systems Technology it is one of the best metro's out there! The 6 lines are:
 RHM  Line 1, Orange
 RHM  Line 2, Green
 RHM  Line 3, Cyan
 RHM  Line 4, Gold
 RHM  Line 5, White
 RHM  Line 6, Red

 RHM  Line 1, Orange

This is the first Line of the RHM. Opened in Late 2012, This was Used to Serve the Main parts of Robin's Hill at the Time was City Centre, Wrestling arena and the Residential District, It was expanded various times to form a Complete Circle and has been the greatest addition to Robin's Hill.

Line One Stations:

  • City Centre
  • Wrestling Arena
  • National Park
  • Riverside Walk
  • Residential District

 RHM  Line 2, Green

When Robin's Hill grew into city status, Line one was getting congested as people did not have access to everywhere. To combat the solution Line two was created to reach new areas and to keep going without a wait time of a terminus, the unique loop was introduced and and had its uniqueness of a line. It also introduced new Cyan Systems tech.

Line Two Stations:

  • G10 East
  • Northern Walk
  • Residential District
  • National Interchange
  • City Centre
  • Wrestling Arena
  • National Park

 RHM  Line 3, Cyan

With Tourist attraction's such as Cityside Beach and the Shopping Centre Complete, Robin's Hill needed quicker transit access to these tourist attractions without people having to walk as far. With the sucess of Line 1 and 2 and with the Robin's Hill expansion Project, Line 3 was created to make easy flow. Its tracks and tunnels are different from line 1 and 2 giving its uniqueness.

Line Three Stations:

  • Residential West
  • Cityside Beach
  • City Centre
  • Sparkler Square
  • Shopping Centre

 RHM  Line 4, Gold

This line was created as the final Line of the Metro, unless Robin's Hill manages to get more space. This Line, Named Project: Gold was a line to serve new gained areas of robin's Hill with also to replace old worn areas before Robin's hill time. When Just_robinho Acquired Tulsa Hill Bridge and the Old transit system and with the creation of the Financial District, Line 4 was Created to link those areas with new areas of the town and serve poorly served areas such as riverside walk and the Parking area (Now known as park and ride). This Line is unique with its track and tunnels, but also its the only line to be above ground which was deemed impossible by players but a dream by Just_robinho. On the 9th of November 2013 with the opening of line 5, Line 4 was granted extension and extended to Northside to help with the development of the new area to link it with financial district.

Line Four Stations:

  • Northside
  • Financial District
  • Park & Ride
  • National Interchange
  • Riverside Walk
  • Park Central
  • Tulsa West
  • G10 East

Also Robin's Hill Metro Lines are known to be Unique with each other which makes them fascinating to ride and discover. Line one with its stations and original track and tunnel design and that it loops forever. Line 2 with its unique one way loop and tunnel design and also bringing new technology to Cyan Systems. Line 3 with its track being raised gaining higher speed and smooth flow and its tunnels be creatively decorated. And Line 4 with its "Green Tracks" giving back to the world its overhead wires and using the latest Cyan Systems technology.

 RHM  Line 5, White

After 6 months of Development, careful planning & successful expansion of Robin's Hill and its surrounding cities. Just_robinho, The Mayor, Decided to Open out its Metro system into the MRT a bit more including to add transport to its new developing areas: Westside, Northside, Waterfront and the Under Construction Robin's Hill Waterport. The line was the longest to build out of the All five and was the first in Cyan systems to introduce High Speed Rail! This was also a major achievement as it was also the first High speed train Service into Spawn City and give Spawn City Transit Centre's First Step free access for the disabled from Street to platform. Besides having uniqueness with its High speed Bettween Bloomington and Spawn, Line 5 as usual has its own Sets of tunnels which are unique to any other Line.

Line Five Stations:

  • Robin's Hill Waterport
  • Waterfront
  • Northside
  • Westside
  • National Interchange
  • Bloomington (G12)
  • Spawn City Transit Centre (G16)

On the 8th January 2014 the Lights in, Lights out! Upgrade took place on the high speed section of the line thus increasing its speed and having an upgraded tunnel design. This has been recieved as a positive outcome by all MRT players and deemed as a huge success by Cyan Systems and Robin's Hill.

 RHM  Line 6, Red

The final metro line of Robin's Hill. This line takes on a north south route and is Locally known as "The Express shuttle", due to the fact it has little stops that are far from each other and reaches from one end to another. This line was mainly constructed due to the fact that the waterport did not have direct access to the city centre, this was a problem for commuters. However the delay to this line was due to budget and timing of the success of line 5 coming first. Just_Robinho, the mayor however made sure that this line will be the final puzzle to transport within the City. This line did not fail. Constuction started on the 16th of June 2014 and Finished on the 20th of June 2014. This line is the most unique out of all, as it is the first line to use new IRRv4 technology which will be used in future. This new technology allows the line to branch off into different sections which is a first in robin's hill as no other line succeeds in that category and it is a first on the MRT to be easily implemented.

As part of the Robin's Hill extension southwest of the developing Southfields and The Cytus Agreement to work together and work on the Southwest quarter of Robin's Hill, Funding was found to extend the western branch of line 6 to Cytus Central. This extension involves 3 new stations and a new area that Robin's Hill now has access too. Also this line completes all corners that the metro reaches.

Line Six Stations:

  • Robin's Hill Waterport
  • City Centre

Shopping Centre Branch

  • Shopping Centre

Western Branch

  • Park & Ride South
  • Southfields
  • Cytus Victoria
  • Cytus Central

Major Upgrade

On the 15th September 2013, Robin's Hill Metro Lines 1, 2 and 3 were announced to go under a major upgrade. The Mayor of Robin's Hill thought it was time to improve transit and technlolgy that come with it. And what a major upgrade it was. Signalling, stations and track dating back to 2012 were removed and replaced with the Latest technology of IRRv3 standard, stations are much more wider and spacious, and most have been designed with the latest and best artists to bring uniqueness to the stations. Each line Took a whole week to complete and with the final line, Line 3 being Completed on the 8th October 2013 thus completing the Major Upgrade. The next Stage is to link platform with platforms in some Stations such as City centre and National Park and to heighten the stairs to increase airflow within the stations to make sure customers can breathe and not hit their heads.

National Interchange

National Interchange is an extension and renovation project of the current Bus Station. Completed in mid-July 2013, There is be more space to walk around and feature a brand new National Rail station which serves lines going outside Robin's Hill for the first time. Thus creating new areas Robin's Hill can reach and expanding Robins Hill's Access to the Minecart Rapid Transit nation. 5 lines have been built and/or expanded into the city.

One line is the  QVL  Quartz Valley Line. This Runs from The City to Hillside-Pagoda via Inchmuir and Quartz valley.

 EML  East Midlands Line Runs cross country from Palmville city in Y7 all the way south to Chuno in Y25 serving all the famous areas of the great east such as Crystal City and Wishington-PVP.

 RO  Rail Orwyn Line 3 Takes an east-west Direction running bettween Forestville and Wavecrest in Orwyn and has amazing classic views of the Eastern blue and Local Attractions.

 CRE  Crystal-Hill Express is an express line bettween Robin's Hill and Crystal City which was a much needed line cutting travel time in half and more as it gets rid of having to travel through Spawn City Which can cost a lot! so it is money saving and travel time is only 5 minutes!

In Late October the Final spot was filled in national interchange and was given to the BMTA Line 3 Or simply the 3 Line  BMTA3  Which uses technology used by mfish125. This line spurs from the Northeast Waterport all the way south East of Robin's Hill to New Kiwi City. This system is the lowest within Robin's Hill and has unique tunnels which you cant find on any other transit company.

High Speed 2

On the 15th of January 2014 the Crystal Hill Express  CRE  and East Midlands line  EML  between Robin's Hill and Crystal City closed for re-routing and preparation for the new HS2 Line between the cities. This re-construction process nearly lasted a month as it required taking out tunnels in preparation for the new tunnel and freeing up space for other potential lines in that area, installing new state-of-the-art signaling and track and a new 4 way track concept which included two lines driving on two different sides making it a unique international type of tracks and tunnel, A new challenge for Cyan Systems. Cyan Systems' Director and Mayor Just_robinho headed the High Speed Two project with help of testing the high speed line, the head of SET Systems Music3_0. After nearly a month of construction, the 5th of February 2014 marked the coronation and opening of HS2. This is longer then HS1 (High Speed Spawn) and starts from Greater Robin's hill all the way to the outskirts of Crystal city (Just outside the terminal) and the EML carries along further along Crystal City (codename HS2a) ending High speed two North of Wishington-PVP. This is a Major achievement for Robin's Hill as it is now the only city to have connections too both Minecart Rapid Transit's High Speed lines.


The Future of robin's Hill is easy. To become bigger, better, stronger then ever before! We have have started to expand North An west of the City and these will include an expansion of the Financial district and the creation Residential Beach District, expansion of the Cityside beach and the creation of Two new metro lines, One in an North-South Direction (Which will extend to the potential Future of Robin's Hill National Airport.) and one which will severe the new areas before coming into national interchange and branching out of Robin's Hill to Spawn City Transit Centre, thus expanding the popularity of Robin's Hill.