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Rockham Busses is the bus company responsible for city & most intercity bus routes in Rockham

Route Guide

Prefix Type Where?
R--- City Primarily Rockham, and in surrounding cities.
Rw--- Intercity In intercity busses around the server. replace w with the ward that its destination. C is used for Central City
VC--- ValleyConnect Rail Replacement When rail replacement is needed for ValleyConnect as its based in Rockham.

Others will be added if needed. Modifications may happen at any time.


Below are a list of routes operating in Rockham by Rockham busses



Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png R1 Rockham Bus Terminal (closed)
Dynmap Green Flag.png R1 Rockham Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png R1 Eamington East Railway Station
Dynmap Green Flag.png R1 Eamington MRT (one-way)
Dynmap Green Flag.png R1 Eamington West Railway Station (one-way)

The section between Bus Station & Eamington MRT started operating on 06/05/19 An additional stop was added to cater for a new station (Eamington West) on 28/07/19