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Rockham Central

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Rockham Central is the main terminus of warprail in Rockham. It has 20 Platforms: 12 High-level and 8 Low-level. The High-level platforms are orientated East-west and are terminating Platforms (except for 9 & 10, which are through platforms), but the Low-level platforms are north-south and are through platforms.


You access the station from the southern end of the station. You can directly access Platforms 0, 1 through 8 and 6a from the concourse without taking stairs/lifts. There is also another entrance where you can access Platforms 7, 8, 9 and 10 from the north. whilst Platforms 0, 1-8 and 6a being accessible directly from the concourse, Platforms 9 & 10 can only be accessed by lifts due to the fact that its a flyover. If you do a 180 when you enter the station, You can get stairs down, with lift access also avaliable, giving you direct access to Platforms A, B, E & F.

Platform Listings

Higher Level

Platform Company Destination Status
Platform 0
Platform 1
Platform 2
Platform 3
Platform 4
Platform 5
Platform 6
Platform 6a
Platform 7
Platform 8 ValleyConnect Scarborough South In Service
Platform 9
Platform 10

Lower Level

There are Currently no Lower-Level Platforms planned to be built.

Detached Lower-level Platforms

These are companies who serve Rockham and have platforms close to the Central Station. For administrative purposes, they are assigned platform letters, and may not neccessarily have a direct connection to Rockham Central. They do not show platform letters as here, so convert the lower letter as the lower platform number.

Platform Company Destination Status
Platform A BluRail Scarborough In Service
Platform B BluRail Haibian In Service
Platform C RaiLinQ Astoria In Service
Platform D RaiLinQ Merchant City In Service
Platform E Network South Central
Platform F Network South Central
Platform G IntraRail
Platform H IntraRail

Platform Requests

If you wish to get a platform please ask Aldranster50 ingame or in discord.