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Flag of Siletz.png
Town officials
Mayor MeetMeInSpace
Deputy Mayor AlikSong
Bus N/A
Roadways N/A
Other transit Rosemont Metro
Facts and figures
Population 1
Town hall coordinates N/A
Founded October 2015
Recognized as town N/A
Town rank Trustee
Official language(s) English
World Gamma
Political Party SDP
Other info
Sister Cities Quinault
Nation City-State of Siletz
City Flower
City Bird
City Tree
Azure Bluet
Western meadowlark
Douglas fir

Rosemont is an isolated town near the eastern new world border that was originally founded by Architect_21. The town is considered to be an overseas territory of the City-State of Siletz, and is fairly autonomous. The town is not currently being worked on, but will likely see development in the coming months. After many months of working on Spring Valley, Architect_21 was once again given ownership of the town. Most recently, on April 17th 2016, MeetMeInSpace bought the town and is now the current owner.




City News

How to get to Rosemont

Building & Plots

This city is a proud member ofTronc.png