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Round Records Store

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Round Records
Co-owner & Founder Ojay738
Store Locations 23
Party Rooms 3
First location Vermilion
Other information
Founded December 14, 2014
Headquarters 1 East Eterna Avenue,  XW15  Vermilion
Parent Company The Round Records Company

Round Records is a company founded by Oj738heu on December 14th, 2014. Its headquarters is in  XW15  Vermilion's Corporate District at 1 East Eterna Avenue. It has twenty-three locations.


If address column is left blank, there is no address assigned to this store.

MRT Stn. # City Address Party Room
 A26   C107  Armada Y
 P8  Appleton 6 King Street N
 C6  Birch Coast N
 C80  Espil N
 C91  Gold Springs 135 Main Street N
 ZS3  Greenplain Heights N
 M22   M23  Janghwa City The Franchise Decker N
 M18  Kolpino City N
 I9  Matheson N
 T35   C102  Newton Le Willows N
 ZN20  Nippia Ogre Way N
 A9  Radiance Square N
 ZS2   I2   F2  Royal Ferry N
 XW2   M2   D2   XW2  Sealane Plot number 03, Residential Plot Y
 ZS6  Segville Y
 V13  Siletz N
 T20  Spruce Plains N
 D14  Utopia N
 C85  Vekta Globo-Square N
 P12  Vergil Wantagh Building, Third Avenue N
 XW15  Vermilion Victory Square B4, 0 Victory Road N
 A14  West Calbar N
 A11  Whitechapel N

If you would like a Round Records in your city or town, please contact Oj738heu in a pm, submit an application at the Round Records Headquarters in Vermilion or offices in Whitechapel, or send a letter at the MRT mail center.

Party Rooms

An exclusive to Round Records is party rooms. These Round Records party rooms are a great place to meet fellow Crafters, and they have working flashing lights powered by redstone.

Dimensions and Prices

Round Records - $10.00 - requires 12 x 13 build space. If there is only 3 blocks in interior height, it costs $15.00. No extra charge for custom stores.

Party Rooms - minimum 150 sq. block space (10 x 15)

Casual wood design - $5.00 + $0.03 per extra sq. block


Model 1.0

Default model for inside malls

This is an all-quartz with stone slab floor and was the first design of Round Records. It has the glowstone ring used in later models, where the glowtsone is on the inside of the building, instead of the outside. It is recommended for mall stores.

Model 2.0

This model is only used for small buildings. It is discontinued for any building space allowing 4 or more blocks of interior height.

This model is an all-wood design, the first model in which wood was used for a Round Records store.

Model 2.1

The glowstone ring was brought back from model 1.0, meaning no glowstone in the ceiling.

Model 2.2

The classic wood floor was replaced with a stone slab floor, allowing diversity between the wall and the floor.

Model 2.3

Stairs were placed on the ends of the building, the roof became dark oak wood, and the wood above and below the windows was changed to acacia.

Model 3.0

As more Round Record stores were built, it became apparent that the exterior lacked any details, and so a new design was made. It's new exterior was built out of brick and quartz, while it still retained the stone slab floor and glowstone ring from previous models.

Model 3.1

"This model is only used for buildings with 3 blocks of interior height'.

Model 3.1 was shortly released after Model 3.0, so that small buildings would be able to have a model 3 design.

Model 3.2

Model 3.2 added an iron trapdoor instead of the usual wooden one, with a lever above it.

Model 3.3

To further improve the look of the building, slabs were used for the ceiling instead of blocks.

Model 3.4

Default Model

The look of the store was even further improved in this model by not using slabs on the edge blocks.