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Town officials
Mayor ondist
Deputy Mayor TBD
MRT  V14  Foobar
Roadways Highway A4.png
Other transit Siletz-Royalston Metro
PNTA (Planned)
Facts and figures
Population 6
Founded August 2015, by QueenSmae
Town rank [Mayor]
Official language(s) English
Russian (until 2019)
World Gamma
Post codes  RS4 
Other info
MPOs League of Cities
Sister Cities Konawa, Silet, Riverhead
Nation Polytan

Royalston is a town in Ward 4 of the new world. It is the former capital of the Royalston Province of the Plurinational Democratic Republic of Konawa. The town is located at  V14  Foobar on the new world. The mayor of Royalston is ondist.

PolytanFlag.png This town is part of The Republic of Polytan


After feeling unimpressed with his first city of Oakley, despite many attempts to make it better, QueenSmae sold Oakley to MIKE24DUDE and went on to create the beautiful city of Royalston, creating an SMP with Siletz. After being banned in December 2015, there was no work done on the town, sitting, waiting for the return of its mayor. In March 2016, QueenSmae was unbanned and work instantly began to revive the town. On 12 June 2016, Royalston agreed to join the Plurinational Democratic Republic of Konawa as its own autonomous province.

In the December 2019 GSM, ondist acquired Royalston in an Inactive Asset Transfer. The town immediately became part of The Polytan State, of which the capital, Palestropol, is only about 300 blocks away from Royalston.

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  • JohnNotTech, Mulberry Street
  • flamingpickle03, Mulberry Street
  • InDev, Mulberry Street
  • Vulpicula, Mango Street
  • SilverBubble, Mango Street
  • MishkaMan, Mango Street
  • mine_man_ and Tarheelscouse, Queen Avenue
  • ezzocraft, Queen Avenue
  • Skelezomperman, Rua Ipanema
  • Derpy_Melon, Yukon Road
  • TonyTajiri, Alberta Street