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Seoland Economically/Ecologically Advanced Transit (SEAT)

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Seoland Economically/Ecologically Advanced Transit (SEAT)
General Information
Primary Sponsor Regional Protection Coalition
Secondary Sponsor CES
Managment Regional Protection Coalition Transit Committee
Transportation Services
Water Disney Cruise Line
Air Aer Langus

Seoland Economically/Ecologically Advanced Transit (SEAT) is the Official Transit Authority of The City of Seoland.

Metro & Rail Services

Alert.png Service Transition
Most metro services should be available but will close without notice due to station updates. Alternative routes will be made accessible.

SEAT comprises two lines, the Cross Line and the Western Line. As seen in the image below.

SEAT Metro Map

Cross Line

The Cross Line circles the perimeter of Central Seoland and is the main mode of transportation between Central and Eastern Seoland.

Cross Line
Code Station Status Notes
 CL0  Central District Station Service Good.png Open Transfer for Western Line
 CL2  East Town Station Service Good.png Open Main connection from Eastern to Centeral Seoland

University Park Line

The University Park Line is the Campus Metro line for Seaford University.

University Park Line (Connection to STS)
Code Station Location Status Notes Directions
 UP1  Interchange Station Western/Central Seoland Service Good.png Open Transfer to Central/Eastern Seoland Transfer to Cross Line
 UP2  Teradekka Ave. Station Western Seoland Service Good.png Open Law Library Transfer to STS
 UP3  Seoland Mall Western Seoland Service Good.png Open Seoland Mall
 UP4  Fulton St. Station Western Seoland Service Good.png Open
 UP5  RPC Plaza Station Western/Central Seoland Service Good.png Open ROC Headquarters Transfer to Civic Line

Civic Line

The Civic Line is connects major government buildings in Central and Western Seoland.

Civic Line
Code Station Location Status Notes
 C1  RPC Plaza Station RPC Plaza, Western Seoland Service Good.png Open Transfer to University Park Line
 C2  Central District Station Seoland Villas, Central Seoland Service Good.png Open Transfer for Western Line|Transfer for Cross Line
 C3  Fire Station South Broadway St, Central Seoland 16px Planned Fire Department
 C4  Courthouse Station Lombard St, Central Seoland Service Good.png Open Courthouse for The City of Seoland

Western (West) Line

The Western Line Is the Seoland section of the Cross Hibernate Line.

Alert.png Exciting News!
The Western line is our prototype for warped cart rail. Currently, we are the first company to use this on a mass scale. Service may be suspended without notice for updates.
Cross-Hibernate Line (line name changes within each town)
Code Station Location Status Notes Directions
 CH0  Interchange Station Western/Central Seoland Service Good.png Open Transfer to Central/Eastern Seoland Southbound Transfer to Cross Line|Transfer to University Park Line
 CH4  Long Island/Portside Station Insula Montes Service Good.png Open Acess to Port of Insula Montes, Long Island, Onemalu, and New Atlantis Inbound/Outbound Hibernation Line
 CH5  Stadium Lane Frostbite Service Partial.png In-Progress In operation on game days only Inbound/Outbound Ocean Line
 CH6  Civic Center Station Frostbite Service Good.png Open Inbound Ocean Line Inbound/Outbound Ocean Line
 CH7  Carnoustie Grand Central Carnoustie Service Good.png Open HSR connection to Norwest MRTHS black and green lines and MylesMonorail Inbound/Outbound Ocean Line
 CH8  Osaka Station Osaka Service Partial.png In-Progress Downtown Osaka
 CH9  Pennsylvania Hardwood Ave. Station (Penn Station) Birchwood Service Partial.png In-Progress Western Terminus/MRT Western Line connection Inbound Ocean Line

Savagebite Line

SEAT's first warprail line.

Savagebite Line
Code Station Location Status Notes Directions
 SB1  Savage City Main Savage City Service Good.png Open Current southern terminus Outbound Savagebite Line
 SB2  Charlemagne Charlemagne Service Good.png Open Downtown Charlemagne In/Outbound Savagebite Line

Bus Services

General Information
Founder SkyjumperTalon
Founding Date June 10, 2018
Motto The Future is Ahead
Route Data
Cities Served 15
Number of Lines 9

SEAT(SkyHound) is a bus company made by SkyjumperTalon to provide the MRT's New World with more bus routes!


Below is a list of all locations, and dynmap screenshots (coming soon) that SkyHound serves.

  • Achowalogen Takachsin
  • Airchester
  • Eagleshore
  • East Spruce
  • Evella
  • Grayzen
  • Hendon
  • Northberg
  • Radiance Square
  • Ravenna
  • Schillerton
  • Whiteley
  • Creeperville
  • Peripotamia
  • New Acreadium


Route Number Stops Status Rolling Stock Notes
SkyHound.pngSEAT 01  Open  HoundLeap 1.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 02  Open  HoundLeap 1.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 03  Open  HoundLeap 1.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 04  Open  HoundLeap 1.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 05  Open  HoundLeap 1.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 08  Open  HoundLeap 2.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 06  Open  HoundLeap 1.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 10  Planned  HoundLeap 1.0
SkyHound.pngSEAT 12  Open  HoundLeap 1.0

Planned Service

  • Service to Spruce Plains
  • City routes within Norwest
  • City routes within Hendon

Rolling Stock

Name Description Routes in Operation Finished Construction First Entered Operation
HoundLeap 1.0 First bus, one door on each side. SH01 - SH07, SH09-12 June 9, 2018 June 10, 2018
HoundLeap 2.0 Second bus, 3 wide. SHC01, SHC02, SH08 June 13, 2018 July 20, 2018


SEAT is the parent company for Oceanic Langus Airways. Please refer to that page for more information.