Saint Roux

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Saint Roux
Town officials
Mayor tarheelscouse, Bestmate66, Logiblocs
MRT  P25 - C36  St. Roux - Gare Liberté,  P26  Foobar and  P27  Lakeview
Facts and figures
Founded October 4th, 2014

Saint Roux / Sint Roe is the shared municipality of Saint Roux Nord, Saint Roux Sud, Parlement, Sint Roe and Lakeview, located around the stations  P25  Saint Roux-Gare Liberté- P27  Lakeview on the Gamma server.

Founded on the 4th October 2014 with the opening of the Gamma Server, construction started immediately on various districts of the city.

The city is part of EAST, with tarheelscouse a member of the High Council thereof.


Saint Roux / Sint Roe, better known as SRX, is a shared municipality. As such, various districts are under the authority of different mayors.

District Name Current District Mayor Language(s)
Parlement tarheelscouse French, Dutch
Saint Roux Nord Logiblocs French
Saint Roux Sud Bestmate66 French
Sint Roe tarheelscouse Dutch
Lakeview Bestmate66 French, English

In the case of the extended absence or else departure of one of the district mayors, responsibility will fall to the other mayors and the chosen deputy mayor of the affected district(s).

The town is served by a central city parliament system, with each district sending delegates to sessions. Internal district affairs are solely the duty of the affected mayor(s).