San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport

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San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater
Airport type Public
Owner City of San Reinoldi
Operator AirLinQ
Serves San Reinoldi
Location San Reinoldi
Hub for
Elevation AMSL - ft / - m
Direction Length Surface
ft m
- - - -
Officially opened 8 November 2018
Airlines SkyTrans
Destinations 2 (At 9 November 2018)

San Reinoldi- Fernando Savater International Airport is an airport serving San Reinoldi owned by Camelicano and operated and designed by autobus22 after the old plan by EliteNeon was deemed not good enough by the city of San Reinoldi.


Gate Airline Destination Status Size
Main Terminal
A1 SkyTrans UCWTIA
Fort Yaxier International Airport
A2 - - Delayed Medium
A3 - - Delayed Medium
A4 Stanley Air Alliance - Delayed Medium
A5 AirLinQ Akane - Ishuzu Int'l Airport
Radiance Square International Airport
Whitechapel Sky Harbor
Leydon International Airport
Open Large
A6 AirLinQ Fort Yaxier International Airport
Espil Ecilidae Airport
Open Large
Standalone Gates
B1 Stanley Air Alliance - Delayed Medium
B2 AirLinQ - Delayed Medium
B3 AirLinQ - Delayed Medium
C1 AirLinQ - Delayed Small
C2 AirLinQ - Delayed Small
C3 AirLinQ - Delayed Small
C4 Stanley Air Alliance - Delayed Small
C5 Stanley Air Alliance - Delayed Small
C6 DAS Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport Delayed Small
C7 FliHigh Airlines - Delayed Small
C8 - - Delayed Small
H1 AirLinQ - Delayed Helipad
H2 Stanley Air Alliance - Delayed Helipad
H3 Stanley Air Alliance - Delayed Helipad
H4 SkyTrans Kantō and/or North Haven Delayed Helipad
H5 - - Delayed Helipad
H6 - - Delayed Helipad
Special Gates
S1 AirLinQ - Delayed Helipad (Chinook)
S2 Dragon Air Kessler Delayed A field for dragon landing
S3 AirLinQ - Delayed Helipad (Chinook)

Gate Requests

Please use one line per gate size, if destinations can be served with multiple sizes please list all sizes.

Small gates are 15*15, Helipads can fit most helicopters and Medium gates are 37*48

Airline Destination(s) Gate Size
<Airline> <Destinations> Medium
Infamous Airlines Valletta/Richville Small Plane
FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood
Creeperville, Deadbush Edgecliff
Medium/Small Plane
Small Plane
BluAir Larkspur, Moramoa
Richville International Airport
Cascadia Ilirea Midcity International Airport Medium
IntraAir Fort Yaxier International Airport Medium
SunAir Sunshine Coast Regional Airport Small Plane
Oceanic Airways Ilirea Midcity Airport Medium
National Airlines Titsensaki Sealerwhale Int'l Airport (Please refer to talk page) Medium
Michigana Itomori Municipal Airfield small
torii Deadbush Edgecliff small
Heampstead Charter Heampstead Heliport Heli
SunAir Sunshine Coast International Airport Medium
Oceanic Airways Pixl Vinyaka Small
Atlantic Airlines Kanto Medium
MRT Airlines Kanto Medium
Ray Airlines New Genisys Airfield Small or Medium (Preferably Small)
Nex Air Sunshine Coast International Airport
Larkspur Liliflower Intl
Marblelake Heathrow Intl.
Small or Medium