San Vantino

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San Vantino
Town officials
Mayor sesese9
Deputy Mayor Conric005
Founder sesese9
MRT  ZS46  Foobar
Roadways B58.png
Rail IntraRail
Facts and figures
Population 1
Founded June 10, 2019
Town rank [Councillor]
Official language(s) English
World New
Post codes  SV5 
Political Party  (I)  Independent
Ward(s) 5

San Vantino is a [Councillor] town located at ZS46 owned by sesese9.


Sese caught a slight case of Mojangitis and wanted to build another town. As he rode the MRT Zephyr Line for fun, he came across  ZS46  Foobar and found it perfect to build a riverside town. With the first build being the area around the station, Sese set out to start developing the riverwalk following the river near the MRT Station.



South of  ZS46  Foobar, this district follows the natural river which cuts through the nearby mountain range. Some work has been done on the river to expand it to allow small commercial boats to travel the stream in city limits. Businesses in this district mainly feature open style seating allowing customers to enjoy the riverfront area.

Business District

Rail Services
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 ZS45  Foobar
Towards Central City - Southeast Station
 ZS46  Foobar  ZS47  Foobar
Towards Astoria
Tundrean Bear