Sanctuary Hills Armed Response

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The Sanctuary Hills Armed Response

When Sanctuary Hills was founded a short while after the town started to take shape, the town was stormed by an army of soldiers. These soldiers had banners and were threatening the workmen that if they continued building the town would be attacked. They said "Stop destroying our homeland we will do whatever it takes to reclaim OUR land! Long Live Nature!"

From this moment on we referred to them as the LLN. Luckily no one was harmed and the LLN left the town. In the matter of hours we had a camp set up just outside of town. When morning broke the newly formed Sanctuary Hills Armed Response drove to the 'Long Live Natures' home base. It was a simple place not much stuff just some hand guns and a big shipping container where most of the sort of generals were staying. A negotiator did try to talk to the officials but he was kidnapped and we had no choice to take over the camp.

The SHAR managed to kill 23 out of a 100 strong camp which left 77 soldiers. The rest where arrested and trailed against the Peace In Our Time Act. 50% of the LLN soldiers arrested were banished from the north of the world. Majority of those banished where given a one way ticket to Central City and a months MRT ticket. Others that weren't so lucky were trailed for 15 acts of Breaching The Peace In Our Time Laws. 30 were given life sentences in various prisons around the MRT. 8 were put to death. 7 executions happened on that day. 1 Soldier was given a Stay of execution his name was Mathew Torrington. However later in the month Mathew Torrington was arrested in Central City for laundering weapons to over 50 different cities. Central City gave us the prisoner and we sentenced him to death under the Peace In Our Time Act.

Since the fall of the LLN on the 1st of July 2017 as the SHAR and other militaries stood proud and rounded up and either killed or captured the remaining LLN soldiers. There has been no more attacks against Sanctuary Hills. Because of this the SHAR has moved on from international affairs and on to more door to door work. They have recently taken part on several raids around Sanctuary Hills. Looking for a record book which was presumed to be stolen. They were unsuccessful and are now looking at other sources.

SHAR Live Operations
What was attacked? Enemy Deaths Succeed Or Fail?
Group Of 5 Hunters in Restricted Area 1 Succeed
LNN Base 23 Succeed
Building Raids and search for record book. 0 Fail