Sandy Air

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Sandy Air
CODE Callsign
FoundedOctober 28, 2018
Commenced operationsOctober 28, 2018
Operating basesFuture Oasis Sands Airfield
HubsFuture Oasis Sands Airfield
Secondary hubsFreedon Silverwood International Airport
West Mesa International Airport
Ilirea Midcity Airport
Frequent-flyer programExecutive Club
AllianceSkyNation Alliance
Active flights9
Company sloganFly Into Tomorrow
Parent companyFlyCreeper
Key peopleFounder: ConnConn
CEO: Frosty_Creeper10

Sandy Air is the official airline of Oasis Sands and is fully owned by FlyCreeper. Sandy Air is a member of SkyNation. There are currently 6 operational flights.

List of flights

Flight Number Route Gates Status
SN001 Freedon - Ilirea B18 - C1 Operational
SN002 Freedon - Deadbush B18 - B7 Operational
SN003 Ilirea - Deadbush C1 - B7 Operational
SN004 Freedon - Itomori B18 - A4 Operational
SN005 Deadbush - Itomori B7 - A4 Operational
SN006 Ilirea - Itomori C1 - A4 Operational
SN007 Freedon - Mojangsburg B18 - 14 Operational
SN008 Ilirea - Mojangsburg C1 - 14 Operational
SN009 Itomori -Mojangsburg A4 - 14 Operational