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Sansberg at sunrise.
Mayor Willowars
Deputy Mayor CodyHM
MRT  T48  Foobar
Roadways Willow Numbered Roads, B892
Water Sansberg Ferry
Nearest airport Vegeta Airfield
Other transit Sanslink and WillowTrans
Facts and figures
Population 2
Founded 29 April, 2019
Renamed June 1 2019 (Transferred back to willowars and annexed)
World New
Ward(s) 8

Sansberg, formerly named Lavalake, was a village east of the neighborhood of Lakeside in Willow that is currently a part of Willow. The village was built by willowars, but was abandoned and given to Luigi_Board, after building a single building and some roads. The village was once named Lavalake, after the lava lake near the lake. On the first of June, Sansberg was given back to willowars after _Sans05 decided to start a new town, and Sansberg was annexed back into Willow.


Sansberg Ferry

The ferry is a very good way of getting to Sansberg. It warps from Lakeside in Willow.


There are currently five roads leading into Sansberg from Willow. These roads are:

  • Spruce Rd and Border Rd
  • Ferry Rd
  • Sansberg St
  • Sansberg Frwy. (B892)
  • Eastern Bypass (B820A and W-6)


Main article: Sanslink

Sanslink is the main transport in Sansberg. It was created on May 26, 2019. It has 4 stations.

It is currently in very bad shape, only since April 2020 did Matau start finishing the metro.

Sansberg Numbered Roads

Sansberg Numbered Roads will no longer be made as Sansberg has been annexed into Willow. Newer roads will be added to the Willow Numbered Road System.

S-1 (Old Town Road)

The first numbered road is S-1, it will run southeast.

S-1A - B892 (Sansberg Freeway)

The B892 runs southeast from the interchange with W-3 and acts as a bypass/freeway through Sansberg.

Sansberg Street

This road is the only road to connect in both north and south to a different city.



  • Downtown Sansberg (Commercial District)
  • Admod Hill (Residential District)