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Seabeast Buses is an intercity bus company with a hub in Hamblin. It is a subsidiary company of the Seabeast Corporation.


Seabeast Buses was created in June 2020 by ArizTrad. He wanted to be better at Get To X. Instead of learning existing transit, he created his own company since that is much easier (debatably). He used his company, the Seabeast Corporation as the parent and brand, under which he was thinking of starting a bus company anyhow. Memorizing lines and routes is a hassle. To solve this problem, he would make a hub and spoke model that goes everywhere. After building a hub and extending the A78, the company was ready to begin service.


An italicized stop name indicates it is a planned stop.

Route Number From To Stops Status
001 Hamblin Titsensaki Titsensaki Sealerwhale Open
002 Hamblin Peripotamia Peripotamia Open
003 Hamblin Deadbush Deadbush South, Deadbush Karaj Station, Deadbush Port, Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport, Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport Open
004 Hamblin San Dzobiak San Dzobiak Union Station Open
005 Hamblin Central City Central City UC Bus Terminal, Neptune Bus Hub Open
006 Venceslo Venceslo Venceslo Midtown Station Open
007 Hamblin Royal Ferry Royal Ferry Victoria Open
008 Hamblin Ilirea Ilirea Transit Center Open
009 Hamblin Kolpino City Kolpino City Airport Open
010 Hamblin Larkspur Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport Open
011 Hamblin Espil Espil Ecilidae Airport, Western Espil Open
012 Hamblin Antioch-Bay Point Antioch, Bay Point Open
013 Hamblin Creeperville Creeperville International Bus Terminal Open
014 Hamblin Prismarine Prismarine Open
015 Hamblin Arcadia Arcadia Open
016 Hamblin Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast International Bus Terminal Open
017 Hamblin Segville Segville Open
018 Hamblin Utopia Utopia AFK Transit Hub, Utopia Phelps Center Open
019 Hamblin Kenthurst Kenthurst South Open
020 Hamblin Covina Covina Planned
021 Hamblin Whitechapel Whitechapel Sky Harbor Planned
022 Hamblin Pixl Pixl Vinayaka International Airport, Eastern Pixl Planned