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Did you mean: Hotel-Resort Building Competition, the competition occurring in Segav Sal?

Segav Sal is a town founded by time2makemymove on January 5, 2018. Segav Sal is the host town of the MRT's Hotel Building Competition, occurring from January to February 2018. It is located at  L7  Foobar, and it is quite close to  L8  Foobar, however, the station of L8 proper is not owned by Segav Sal. As one might expect, the town is almost exclusively populated by hotels and resorts built by the MRT community.


List of all Hotels

(Listed in clockwise order, starting at the MRT L7 station)

Name Owner Closest ( SERT ) Station Standing in Competition Other notes
Colour Inn Deluxe Osbuso MRT L7 Station 07 Complete
Cascadia Hotel mikefishr Cascadia / BearLodge Station DNC Not complete
BearLodge Segav Sal time2makemymove Cascadia / BearLodge Station DNC Complete
Uncle Dave's Motel KittyCat11231 Cascadia / BearLodge Station 14 Complete
Trump International cal76 Triple Zero / Queen’s Station 09 Complete
Triple Zero Hotel minecrafts000 Triple Zero / Queen’s Station 11 Complete
Queen’s Hotel AP_Red Triple Zero / Queen’s Station 08 Complete
Voyager Hotel chiefbozx Voyager Station 05 Complete
Fred Rail Hotel FredTheTimeLord TBD DNC Complete
Cytus Hotel lalaboy TBD 01 Complete
Dirbelle Hotel Soso123 TBD DNC Complete
KalorQ Hotel Needn_NL TBD DNC Not complete
Arrow Hotel Just_Robinho TBD 04 Complete
Archangel Hotel PineapplePerv TBD 02 Complete
Fyfe Hotel & Casino thomasfyfe TBD 10 Complete
Hotel Axel CortesiRaccoon TBD 03 Complete
Stone Tree Hotel & Casino Tom_Pairs Warp Rail Station 06 Complete
The Mineman mine_man_ Warp Rail Station 12 Complete
Richland Hotels Segav Sal woorich999 Richland Station 13 Complete

Other Builds

There is also a mall, named The Promenade at Zephyr39, located right next to  L7  Foobar, and consequently served by the ( SERT ) station MRT L7. A list of shops is coming soon.

In addition, there is Segav Convention Center located at the far east end of the Segav Strip.

( SERT ) Light Rail

Segav Elevated Rapid Transit, or ( SERT ), as it is commonly referred to, is the elevated transit system that serves Segav Sal, designed to somewhat reflect the Las Vegas Monorail, in that it's primarily designed to get tourists from one hotel to another. It is completely Minecart-based. The design is planned to be in a loop, as a way to give equal access to every hotel on the Segav Sal strip.

Station List (sorted in terms of the Inner Loop, beginning at MRT station):

# ( SERT ) Station Description POI Served (* = direct connection) Date Established
-3 Warp Rail Station Elevated Segav Sal Rail Station*, The Mineman, Stone Tree Hotel June 25, 2019
-2 Convention Center Elevated Segav Convention Center* February 4, 2018
-1 Richland Elevated Richland Hotel* February 3, 2018
0 MRT L7 Elevated MRT L7*, Colour Inn Deluxe, Promenade at Zephyr39 January 28, 2018
1 Cascadia / BearLodge Underground Cascadia Hotel*, BearLodge Hotel*, Uncle Dave's Motel January 28, 2018
2 Triple Zero / Queen’s Elevated Triple Zero Hotel*, Queen’s Hotel*, Trump International January 29, 2018
3 Voyager Elevated Voyager Hotel February 8, 2018