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Serpentine Liveability Index

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Info notice.png Work in progress!
Every city will be given a temporary ranking as we go about surveying each participant city. The aim is to release a full and formal report of the index a little before or after 1 November.
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Info notice.png Cycle 2 is accepting particpants!
New cities and towns added before 1 December will be reviewed during Cycle 2.
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Serpentine Liveability Index (SLI)
President sheimoria
Vice President SoSo123
Head Secretariat Halfy_Crafty
Head Evaluator ModernArt
Head Editor Frosty_Creeper10
Team MikeRoma
Facts and figures
Headquarters Central City (planned)
Serpentine City (planned)
Lowami (planned)
Founded 27 August 2017
Founder sheimoria
Participants 27
Number of cycles 0
Current cycle Autumn 2017

The Serpentine Liveability Index (SLI) is an index to rate the standard of living of towns and cities. It is named after the city of the founder, sheimoria.


Each category has a score out of 10, and all categories are tallied to give an overall score out of 100.

Overall Realism

This category measures the practicality of the city. If a city makes sense in real life, the mayor will score higher in this category. For this category, the committee asks themselves, "Would something like this actually exist in real life?"

Public Service

This category measures the infrastructure of public services in place, such as town halls, hospitals, police and schools. If public services are easy to find, access and utilise in a city and are informative and helpful to visitors, the mayor will score higher in this category.


This category measures the connectivity to and from the city as well as within the city through various forms of transit such as road, bus, train, air and sea. If the city is easy to navigate due to the abundance of transportation means and their ability to serve almost any part of the city, the mayor will score higher in this category.

Urban Planning

This category measures the organisation of the city's infrastructure and road layout. If a city is easy to navigate due to clear communication via signage and usable pavements and roads, and if the city is properly split into distinct districts that serve a purpose, such as a residential district, a business district and an industrial district, the mayor will score higher in this category.


This category measures the city's ability to provide housing for residents. If a city has abundant housing infrastructure and they are easy to access and utilise, and if the city is home to many residents of different ranks, the mayor will score higher in this category.


This category measures the investment of businesses in the city. If many franchises of wide variety invest in the city and are mostly relevant, such as restaurants, stores and company headquarters, the mayor will score higher in this category.


This category measures the city's ability to incorporate environment into the city. If a city fits with its biome aesthetically and practically, flora is abundant throughout the city to provide greenery and parks break up the sight of buildings in the city, the mayor will score higher in this category.


This category measures the design of infrastructure in the city. If there is a wide variety of designs in theme and age across buildings and are not just aesthetically pleasant but realistic and practical as well, the mayor will score higher in this category.

Culture and Tourism

This category measures the strength of the city's identity. If a city has a strong culture with a rich and detailed history as well as cultural aspects infused with infrastructure in the city, such as having different types of shops and restaurants to promote the city's culture, and if the city makes efforts in promoting its culture such as through museums and monuments, the mayor will score higher in this category.


This category measures the importance of the city in the wider MRT community. If a city serves the MRT server by specialising in various purposes, such as a hub for intergovernmental organisations or an entertainment hub with stadiums and theatres, or offer something unique to the server to stand out from other cities, such as being heavily invested in military through a strong military base, the mayor will score higher in this category.


Feel free to list your town if you would like to be rated. Remember to update the number of participant cities located at this page's infobox.

Higher ranked cities will be given priority to be surveyed before the lower ranked cities. Cities are sorted out by ranks for organisation of data to be released in reports. Each city will be given an overall score and scores for each category, as well as a collective remark from the committee about the city, stating areas for improvement as well as areas of excellence. Current tentative scores will be provided below as the committee is in the process of surveying cities for a future report. This is to remain transparent to participating mayors about the work of the committee.

Cycle 1: Autumn 2017


City Rank Mayor Score
Freedon Governor SoSo123
Segville Governor godzilltrain 74.9
Kessler Governor Lalaboy
Pearl Coast Governor knowmads7
Quiris Governor _HeavenAngel_
Pine Mountain Senator BuildPilot
Stoneedge Senator SoSo123
Titsensaki Senator frogggggg
Heampstead Senator MikeRoma
Wythern Senator Baseball02


Town Rank Mayor Score
Chillington Mayor CyAmethyst

Cycle 2: Winter 2017


City Rank Mayor Score
Kenthurst Premier Aliksong
Espil Governor EspiDev


Town Rank Mayor Score
Chalxior Senator soso123
Norwest Mayor ModernArt
Alexandria Bay Mayor Itz_Lego
Belvadere Mayor dubs17
Cattington Mayor Purrcat30
Oakburgh Mayor mdbro55

Cycle 3: Spring 2018


There are currently no cities in this cycle. If a city expresses their interest in being reviewed once the previous cycle has been finished, they will be added to this list and the town that comes last in alphabetical order AND rank will be moved to the next cycle.


Town Rank Mayor Score
Creeperville Mayor Frosty_Creeper10
Spruce Valley Mayor TheSubway
Bronte Mayor Jian_Zen
Geneva Bay Councillor JustFarkie
Lowami Councillor Halfy_Crafty
Kaloro City Mayor Needn_NL
Bearbury Councillor Osbuso
Arcadium Unranked Ardyle
Silver Mountain Councillor JTrain77

Candidates for Future Cycles

If you'd like your city/town to be reviewed in the future, feel free to add it to the box below.

City Rank Mayor Score
Foobar Foobar Frumple


Four reports will be published annually, one for each season. Each report is published during the middle of the season.

Cycle 1: Autumn 2017

This cycle contains 10 cities and 1 town with a total of 13 candidates and it is currently in progress. The 1st report of the SLI will be published at the autumn of 2017. The publishing date is set to be at 1 November.

Cycle 2: Winter 2017

This cycle contains 2 cities and 6 towns and is still accepting participants until 1 December. This is still in the planning stages though. The 2nd report will be published on winter 2017. The publishing date is planned to be 1 January.

Cycle 3: Spring 2018

This cycle currently only exists for technical purposes and is still being discussed. The 3rd report will be released on the spring of 2018. The publishing date is unknown.