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ShadowCorp Match Play Championship

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Alert.png Sponsor the SCMP Championship!
ShadowCorp Match Play Championship
Course Forest Mini-Golf (Kenthurst Location)
City Kenthurst
Course Architect godzilltrain
Town Mayor AlikSong
Date July 26, 5 PM UTC
Number of Players 3
Purse $200, Potoe and Chicke
Season None
Important People
Scorers SkyjumperTalon
Champion Red_Ray
MRT Golf Association
MGA Season 1 ◄ Chronology ► MGA Season 2

The ShadowCorp Match Play Championship was an event in between the MRT Golf Association's first and second seasons.


Detailed scores can be found here

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Flag of The Netherlands.png Red_Ray AS AS AS AS AS 1 DN 1 DN AS AS 1 UP 1 UP AS 1 DN AS 1 UP 1 UP 2 UP ---
Flag of United States of America.png TalonTheWindmill AS AS AS AS 1 DN AS AS AS AS AS 1 DN 1 DN 1 DN 1 DN 1 DN 1 DN 2 DN ---
Flag of United States of America.png shadowboarder 1 DN 2 DN 2 DN 3 DN 3 DN 3 DN 4 DN 4 DN 5 DN 5 DN 5 DN 5 DN 5 DN 5 DN 5 DN 5 DN --- ---


After many players failed to show up, the 3 players who did show up played in 1 match play game of 3 players. In 3 player match play, you win a hole (go 1 more UP) if you score better than everyone, lose a hole (go 1 more DN) if you score worse than everyone, and stay the same if you tie with someone.


There were 4 levels of sponsors, all benefits were inherited

Gold Sponsor ($100)

-Gets naming rights to the tournament

Silver Sponsor ($75)

-Has an option to give a promotion/prize to players. These may include discounted stores, airline gates, etc.


Potoe and Chicke: Free store

Bronze Sponsor ($50)

-May sponsor a group during the group stage, gets a ~30 second advertisement read out loud

Copper Sponsor ($25)

-Listed as an official sponsor on the wiki