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Shadowpoint is a town near  C6  Foobar that was founded by EliteNeon. It is going under a citywide renovation.


The day he got member, EliteNeon founded Shadowpoint on April 3rd, 2016. The town slowly rose through the ranks. Councilor on June 28th and Mayor on July ----. Shadowpoint failed to get senator atleast 4 times until Epsilon came when Shadowpoint just sat there. After EliteNeon finished building Grayzen National Airport, Shadowpoint went into a mass renovation and is still in that process. On 10/28/2017, Mercury203 acquired the town. On November 15th of 2017, FredTheTimeLord acquired the town. On May 19th, 2019, the town was transferred back to EliteNeon.

Previous station Next station
 C5  Foobar
towards BirchView
 C6  Foobar  C7  Foobar
towards Airchester