Shadowpoint Republic

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Shadowpoint Republic
Flag of Shadowpoint.png
MottoWe have all the time in the world
Capital CitiesDaly City
Shadowpoint (Historic)
Largest CityChalxior
DemonynsShadowpointer, Sansvikker
GovernmentFederal parliamentary democracy
President and Prime Minister of Shadowpoint StateEliteNeon
Prime Minister of Sansvikk StateSansNotLuigi
CurrencyMRT Dollar
Time ZoneEastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
Driving SideRight

The Shadowpoint Republic is a large State on the New World. The nation was founded on June 17th, 2016 and was previously known as the City State of Shadowpoint. The current Shadowpoint Republic is comprised of two States, governed by the Mayors of the cities in those states. The President is EliteNeon, who also serves as Prime Minister of Shadowpoint State. The seat of government is the town of Daly City, while Shadowpoint serves as historical capital.


The Shadowpoint Republic is a parliamentary democracy with three branches.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is led by the President, who is elected by the confidence of the Senate. The President is the executive leader of the nation and is responsible for coordinating projects between the States and day-to-day operations of the Government. Under the Executive Branch, there are several cabinet Departments which pertain to the business of the Nation. The President is the head of Shadowpoint Armed Forces, and is the leader or a controlling representative in public-benefit corporations at least partially owned by the Government.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the nation is the Senate. The Senate consists of the Prime Ministers of each state. The Senate is responsible for advising the President on the national interest and for proposing legislation for adoption.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court, where the Senate acts as a judge and jury. The Judicial Branch is generally reserved for high level disputes, while local judiciaries are responsible for law and order in the States.


The Shadowpoint Republic consists of two States.

Shadowpoint State

Shadowpoint State is comprised of the cities that are owned by EliteNeon, who is the Prime Minister. The State also contains several unincorporated territories. The State Capital is Shadowpoint.

Sansvikk State

Sansvikk State is comprised of the cities owned by SansNotLuigi, who is the Prime Minister. The State Capital is Sansvikk.