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Alert.png Dissolved
Replaced by regional railway company FLR Nansei

ShenghuaRail (盛华铁路) is the national railway company of Shenghua, responsible for owning and operating commuter and intercity rail. Despite being owned by the Department of Transportation, it is a separate entity from local transit operator Shenghua Transit.

Service Types

Local Rail

Domestic rail lines operated by conventional trains.

210 Islander 盛华线 (SH)

Connects the entirety of Shenghua.

220 Eastlaker 东湖线 (DH)

Local rail line in East Lake District.

230 Centralen 中央线 (ZY)

Local rail line in Central District.

240 Upnorther 北头线 (BT)

Local rail line in Beitou District.

Sprinter 盛华高铁 (SP)

Branded as spr!nter. Domestic and international high speed rail service.

410 Beitou-Shenghua Central-East Lake

Domestic high speed rail line spanning all three districts.

510 Shenghua Central-Kazeshima

International high speed rail line from Shenghua to Kazeshima.

520 Shenghua Central-Wenyanga

International high speed rail line from Shenghua to Wenyanga.