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Shenghua Transit (盛华公交) (also abbreviated as ST) is a government owned transportation agency in Shenghua. It is responsible for the planning and operation of public transportation within Shenghua.

FLR Shenghua

FLR Shenghua (FLR盛华) is a light metro system in Shenghua that is jointly operated by Shenghua Transit and FLR Corporation.
FLR Shenghua ZH-EN.png
FLR Shenghua JP-ES.png

 S1  Line S1

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png CTH City Hall
Dynmap Green Flag.png SHS Shenghua South FLR Nansei-Gunto
Dynmap Green Flag.png FTL Ferry Terminal

Shenghua Bus

Shenghua Bus (盛华巴士) is a planned bus system that will mainly provide service to areas not covered by the metro. It will draw inspiration by the Capital Area Transportation Authority in Lansing, Michigan and Hangzhou Public Transport in Hangzhou, China.