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/shock is a command available on the server, included within the CommandBook plugin, by sk89q. /shock is limited to administrators and above only.

The command is famously used by chiefbozx who will often shock players on his arrival to the server. Usually, spelling his name wrong will also lead to a player being shocked.

On April 1, 2013, the /shock command was made available to all players, allowing all members and guests to experience the thrill of using the Thor Hammer on another user. On the whole the event, now commonly referred to as ShockFest, was well received.

"Do it again :P" was an often request throughout the server, and on April 1 2015 all members were "promoted" to Admin, and gained several commands including /shock. Hence, creating a "Shockfest 2.0" or "AdminFest", whatever you see fit best.

/shock was once again given to all players who connected to the Beta Server on April 1, 2021, for Explosionfest, on request to Frumple.


Shock has flags that allow it to have different behaviours. It has a, s and k flags.

  • /shock <player> will simply shoot a lightning bolt at the desired player(s).
  • /shock <player> -a will shoot multiple lightning bolts at the desired player(s).
  • /shock <player> -s will shock the player(s) as normal, however it will not be announced in chat.
  • /shock <player> -k kills the player.

Shocking does not deal damage to the player, unless the player is in survival or adventure mode and/or the -k flag is used. Shocking with an -a flag will not affect the player in survival, provided that the player stands still while lightning strikes.