Sierra's Grill

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The first Sierra's Grill at Huntington.
CEOs Soleurs
Number of Stores 23
Facts and figures
Slogan Think good food!
Founded February 13, 2015
Parent Company Frontier Group
Headquarters Central City

Sierra's Grill (Sierra's) is a franchise on the MRT Server. It is a subsidiary of Frontier Group, and was founded in 2015 by Soleurs. The price of a standard location, typically installed in towns by way of WorldEdit or Schematica, is $35; custom-built locations are also available at varying price levels.


Soleurs designed the restaurant in 2015 as a new franchise for another server, but decided to bring it exclusively to the MRT. Sierra's Grill came as an idea to have a new franchise that was more upscale than previous restaurants by Frontier, having been designated as a Level III franchise by Frontier Group staff.

Store Types

Sierra's Grill recommends it's standard store type. However, as we'd like to expand to as many towns as possible, we offer custom designs. Please contact Soleurs for more information.

  • Standard: for $35, the standard Sierra's Grill takes up a significant 28 by 34 footprint, and can quickly be installed in your town by way of WorldEdit or Schematica.
  • Custom: Sierra's Grill is looking to expand to as many towns as possible, and therefore is offering custom versions of the iconic Sierra's Grill restaurant. Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the branch; other factors may also be taken into account when determining pricing. For more information, please contact Soleurs.

Future Plans

Sierra's Grill is looking to expand throughout the server, we hope to become a major franchise along the lines of Prubourne Steak or KFC. Contact Soleurs to get a location in your town!




City Name Nearest MRT Store number
Covina  P10  Victorian City 12
Easest  F26 - EC12  Foobar 4
Espil  C80  Espil - Eisli Central
 C81  Espil - Eisli North
Hummingbird Islands  C9  Huntington 1
Ilirea  XW18  Ilirea - Cascadia Union Station 8
Jeeka  C99 - T32  Jeeka 15
Konawa  C109  Konawa West 22
Laclede  T13  Laclede 2
Lanark  C111  Lanark West 21
Liten  Z19  Foobar 14
Nippia  ZN20  Nippia Central 9
Oakley  F5 - I5  Oakley Euston 17
Tranquil Forest  P40  Dulwich Central 23
Sealane  XW2 - D2 - M2  16
Segville  ZS7  Segville Central 3
Siletz  V13  Siletz 18
Utopia  D14  Utopia 6
Vergil  P12  Vergil 5
Vermilion  XW15  Vermilion 7
Victorian City  P10  Victorian City 10
West Calbar  A13  Maplelyn District (West Calbar) 13
Whiteley  ZS21  Foobar 19
Zaquar  ZS30  Zaquar 11

Part of Frontier Group