Siletz Salvador Station

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Siletz Salvador Station
The interior of Siletz Salvador Station.
Director KittyCat11231
Builder KittyCat11231
Additional Information
Owner/Operator IntraRail
Rail Services IntraRail
Fred Rail
Network South Central
Built mid-2017 (original)
January 2019 (rebuilt)
Tracks 22
Location Siletz

Siletz Salvador Station is a passenger rail terminal located in western Siletz. Built on an elevated structure, the terminal contains 20 tracks stacked across three levels, as well as 2 underground tracks. The station, originally partially constructed in the summer of 2017 by IntraRail and mostly unused, was entirely rebuilt in January 2019, and is built, owned, and operated by IntraRail.

The station is directly adjacent to Siletz-Umatilla Regional Airfield.


The original Siletz Salvador Station began construction in the summer of 2017, intended for use as IntraRail's hub in the Siletz area. The station was built on an elevated structure of brick and cobblestone, with a single elevated level containing 14 tracks. IntraRail planned extensions of service from Segville and Matheson to service the new station, and the station was to act as a gateway for future expansion towards the Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina area. The first line to be built from the station was a line to Lochminehead stopping in Dabecco, to be built and operated by IntraRail under contract to the United Cities Transit Committee, and the line was expected to be the first segment of IntraRail's expansion towards Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport.

However, IntraRail soon entered a period of hiatus, and construction on the line and the station stalled. The United Cities Transit Committee, at IntraRail's request, reassigned the line to Bay Area Rapid Transit, more commonly known as BART, and later reassigned the line again to Fred Rail, which completed construction to Lochminehead and began running trains on its Lochminehead Limited service, leasing two tracks at Salvador Station from IntraRail.

Aerial view of the partially built old Siletz Salvador Station, including Fred Rail's Lochminehead Limited trains.

As IntraRail effectively abandoned its expansion plans into Siletz, the station never completed construction, and was missing station signage, passageways from street level to the platforms, and terminal furnishings. The partially built station, sitting in a general state of disrepair, included a completely empty mezzanine at street level, with no stairways built to allow access to the platforms. The platforms themselves were entirely empty, and of the 14 tracks in the station, only the center two saw passenger service through Fred Rail's Lochminehead Limited. As Fred Rail's trains used on the Lochminehead Limited service were oversize, the company haphazardly extended its platform and tracks to hang off the edge of the station on the north side. At this point, the station served as an abandoned, forgotten relic to IntraRail's never achieved expansions plans of 2017, with only a single isolated rail service operated by a third-party company under contract to the United Cities.

In November 2018, the United Cities officially dissolved, and with the dissolution came the transfer of its assets into private ownership. The line from Siletz to Dabecco, operated under contract to the United Cities by Fred Rail, was transferred to the full ownership of Fred Rail. However, the station along the line in Lochminehead, which was originally built by IntraRail when it had been contracted to build and operate the line, was transferred to the private ownership of IntraRail, while Salvador Station had been fully owned by IntraRail since its construction.

The new station while under construction, after the base design was finalized.

In late 2018 into early 2019, IntraRail began planning to pick up on expanding for the first time in a while. The first publicly announced expansion of the new year was a corridor to extend IntraRail's service between Horizon National Airport and Waterville, in order to serve new cities including Snowtopic and Larkspur. While waiting for staff approval to build certain segments of that corridor, IntraRail focused on other possible areas of new development, and soon returned its focus onto the Siletz area, once slated to be a major point in IntraRail's network. The company evaluated the state of Siletz Salvador Station and the possibility of rehabilitation, and determined that the only sufficient course of action was to completely rebuild the entire station from the ground up.

Construction of most of the new station took place off server, and was not publicly announced. As different designs were tried, the final design IntraRail settled on was a stacked elevated terminal, with a large curved roof, and three levels of tracks stacked offset from one another. The new terminal was constructed out of white concrete and large, white stained glass windows, with the aim of giving the station a grand, modern design, a radical departure from the brick and cobblestone design of the old station. As the base terminal design was completed, a schematic of the track layout was used to begin laying out the track interchanges adjacent to the station, before the station itself was pasted in. IntraRail decided it did not want a great deal of public attention on its new station until it was close to a state of completion, and as such, even while members were able to visit the conspicuously placed new station after it was pasted, and several retail stores were invited to open locations in the mezzanine level, IntraRail made no official public announcement of the station's existence. The publication of this wiki page is the first official public announcement of the new station by IntraRail.


Siletz Salvador Station is one of IntraRail's larger stations, with 22 tracks, putting it at around the same track number as Ravenna Union Station, another IntraRail-built station. Most of the terminal is elevated, containing 20 tracks split across three elevated levels above a ground level mezzanine. The station fully fits within the size of the old Salvador Station, in terms of length, width, and height.

Aerial side view of Siletz Salvador Station.

The defining feature of the station's design is the nine white concrete arches forming the station's exterior, connected together by large, expansive white stained glass windows. Inside the station, concrete arches form the support structure on which the elevated platforms are suspended. The three platform levels are offset, such that concrete pillars stemming from a platform on one level arch over towards another platform on the same level, and a platform for the above level is suspended in the middle on top of the arch. Through this design, the upper and lower platform levels are located on top of one another, while the middle platform level is offset such that its platforms are between the platforms of the upper and lower levels. The elevator layout reflects this design, with six elevators connecting the ground mezzanine level to both the upper and lower platform levels, and eight elevators connecting the ground mezzanine level to the middle platform level, allowing elevators to travel in the spaces between platforms at floors where they do not stop.

Each platform is fitted with signs identifying the name of the city and station, benches for passenger seating, as well as signs by the elevators identifying the track number, rail company, and destination for each track. Information signs for each track are also present on the exterior of the elevators in the mezzanine level as well as a central track listing board in the mezzanine level. The mezzanine is located at ground level, and includes the street level entrance to the terminal, track listings, elevators to the platforms, and retail spaces.

As the station consists of a large number of elevated tracks, on either side of the station are two large track viaducts to provide trains access to the terminal. Each viaduct is supported by a large number of concrete pillars, which individually support each track. The south viaduct turns to the west immediately south of the station to avoid pre-existing development, continuing all the way west of Siletz to near where the A4 turns north. Throughout the length of the viaduct, the 20 tracks from the three track levels converge into a single level of six tracks, two unidirectional tracks for each track level of the station. There is a track interchange to allow for trains to cross between the different pairs of tracks, before each pair splits off to a north, west, and south stub, the point where lines to Siletz are expected to connect.

The north viaduct continues straight north towards Dabecco. In the length from the terminal to the city limit of Dabecco, the tracks converge such that there are six tracks, two from each level, just like the south viaduct. At the city limit between Siletz and Dabecco, the viaduct consists of two levels, with four tracks from the lower and middle levels of the station on the lower level of the viaduct and two tracks from the upper level of the station on the upper level of the viaduct. There is a crossover from the northbound upper level track to the southbound upper level track, and the upper level of the viaduct expands into four tracks, allowing for the two outer tracks of the upper level to connect to a station as the viaduct passes over Dabecco's Main Street, which IntraRail intends to use for a shuttle service to Salvador Station. North of the shuttle station, the tracks converge onto a single level, where the tracks interchange and split into the portals of entry for rail line access.

An additional underground level at the station includes two tracks for use by Fred Rail's existing Lochminehead Limited service, whose trains do not meet the size limits for the elevated tracks at the station. The two tracks will connect directly to Fred Rail's existing line into Dabecco and Lochminehead. All other train services are expected to use the main elevated terminal, and must fit within its size limits.


Tracks 1-20 are the main elevated tracks, split across a lower, middle, and upper level. Tracks 21-22 are underground tracks, exclusively for use by Fred Rail.

Track Company Line Destination Status
Lower Level
1 IntraRail Spruce Regional Amestris Good Service
2 IntraRail Imperial Service Solarion via Local Good Service
3 IntraRail Mason Limited Mason City via Express Good Service
4 IntraRail Mason Limited Zaquar via Express Good Service
5 IntraRail Imperial Service Zaquar via Local Good Service
6 IntraRail Centralen Segville via Central City Good Service
Middle Level
7 No Service
8 No Service
9 No Service
10 IntraRail Joeliner Central City via MRT Land Good Service
11 IntraRail Joeliner Freedon Good Service
12 No Service
13 No Service
14 IntraRail Astro Conricsto Good Service
Upper Level
15 IntraRail Frederator Woodsbane via Dabecco Good Service
16 BluRail BluRail3-01.png Dabecco Good Service
17 BluRail BluRail3X-01.png Ravenna via Express No Service
18 BluRail BluRail3X-01.png Tranquil Forest via Express Good Service
19 BluRail BluRail3-01.png Tranquil Forest via Local Good Service
20 Network South Central Siletz Shuttle Siletz Central (NSC) Good Service
Underground Level
21 Fred Rail Lochminehead Limited Lochminehead Good Service
22 Fred Rail Lochminehead Limited Utopia Good Service

Retail Space

The mezzanine level of the station includes several retail spaces featuring stores and restaurants. The following companies operate retail spaces in Siletz Salvador Station:

Name Owner
Metropolitan Coffee MojangChan
Goomba Redstone GrumpyGoomba9
Dave's Doughnuts cal76
Purple Pidgeon Vickiposa
BART Devices _Kastle
Venus Albums Johngi
AstroSlurp Conric005
Communist McDonalds Cact0
MC Tasty MC_Protocol
Coffee King pooch12
RichMobile woorich999

Connecting Transportation

Siletz Salvador Station is directly adjacent to Siletz-Umatilla Regional Airfield. Additionally, the construction of a small bus terminal across the street from the station is under consideration

Request Service

If you own a rail company and wish to provide service to Siletz Salvador Station, add your company to the table below. By serving Siletz Salvador Station, you and your company agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All trains which operate to Siletz Salvador Station and use its infrastructure must be three blocks wide, no greater than six blocks tall, and no greater than 115 blocks long. The only exemption to this condition is granted to Fred Rail for service to tracks 21 and 22.
  • Rail companies must connect their tracks at predetermined points given to the company by IntraRail. These are usually located at the ends of the north and south viaducts from the station, but special waivers may be granted to companies to connect at alternate points where the normal connection points would be geographically infeasible.
  • Siletz Salvador Station and all of its infrastructure, including the track viaducts extending to the north and southwest, are wholly owned by IntraRail, and no modifications may be made to any of IntraRail's infrastructure without the express written and documented consent of IntraRail. IntraRail reserves the right to determine the boundary between its own tracks and third-party owned tracks where such tracks meet.
  • Rail companies may not edit station signage in Siletz Salvador Station, including destination signs for the tracks they operate, without the express written and documented consent of IntraRail.
  • Any rail company which operates trains to Siletz Salvador Station agrees to gain the necessary construction permissions for any lines which connect to the station, acknowledges that the permission granted to IntraRail to build infrastructure in Siletz and Dabecco does not necessarily extend to their company, and absolves IntraRail of any responsibility for any violations of the rules regarding construction permissions on private land committed by their company while connecting to Siletz Salvador Station.
  • No overhead catenary wires, third rails, or other special infrastructure will be included in Siletz Salvador Station or any of its connecting infrastructure. Companies may operate whichever train models they deem feasible to Siletz Salvador Station, within the size limits outlined above, however companies which deem such special infrastructure as a requirement to utilize the station and its infrastructure will not be accommodated.
  • All rail companies which operate to Siletz Salvador Station operate to the station and use its infrastructure at the behest of IntraRail. IntraRail reserves the right to determine which companies are allowed to operate to Siletz Salvador Station and use its infrastructure, and to revoke such allowance at any time, for any reason or lack thereof.
  • IntraRail reserves the right to add, remove, and modify clauses of these terms at any time, with or without notice, as well as the right to enforce additional regulations not stated above, grant specific waivers to the above terms, and revoke such waivers at any time.

Request to serve Siletz Salvador Station using the table below. You will be contacted privately by IntraRail to discuss your request.

Company Player Line Name(s) Destination(s) Number of Tracks Requested Special Comments
Fred Rail FredTheTimeLord Lochminehead Limited Lochminehead via Dabecco 2 Listing added by IntraRail. Pre-approved as an existing line.
Fred Rail FredTheTimeLord Lochminehead Limited (Extension) Utopia via Matheson 0 Extension of line, would use existing tracks
BluRail hvt2011 BluRail3-01.png BluRail3X-01.png Saint Roux, Tranquil Forest, Titsensaki, Bakersville 4